Are We About to Lose the Seas too?

Please, read John Howland’s latest update in the Malamute Saloon.  It’s important and just another indication of the battle we are engaged in and one we better not ignore. The pastime is being attacked from many quarters and now they are looking at the ocean floor…. they want it ALL!

For John’s update click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.

I suspect those of you who always take the time to read John’s comments will do so again and simply move on and do your own thing. That seems to be the norm anymore, but it’s eventually going to come back and bite you in the ass!  Maybe not today, maybe not this year, but very soon if we continue our melancholy ways.  Then again will we ever have a cohesive, united group powerful enough to stand up to this propaganda and overreach? I honestly doubt it.

If you think that I am overstating things, take a look at this proposal being floated in the UK.  The implication that the majority of detectorists are unethical is clear (and I too want to throw up). Read it and take heed.  It’s just one more piece in the subtle but unrelenting effort to shut us down.


If it feels like I am beating you over the head with the following…..GOOD! That’s my goal. Take a minute or two, spend a few dollars, maybe win  a new detector and and help a family n need. You won’t miss it, and they will appreciate it.


As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated.  I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine’s  Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously.  So mark it down folks….on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White’s VX3 Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4×6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of  White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Dual Pack (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TC1X, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to  Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others.  Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you’ll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show.  You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account:  If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win.  You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126,  Acworth, Georgia 30101.  Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email…If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope.  Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.

Thank you all and good luck.  Prizes will be mailed directly from the manufacturers…..



Thanks as usual to Eddy Current for the updates and articles.

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Shipwreck off Welsh Coast

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5 responses to “Are We About to Lose the Seas too?

  1. “My God…ethical detecting! It could be the end of civilisation; it’s not detecting as we know it, Jim. Warp speed six! We need to get some light years between us and the cling-ons,” (for US readers, cling-ons is the UK slang name for a particularly painful form of haemorrhoid and thus very applicable to the loony fringe).

    • I should let everyone know that this “ethical” mandate was created by Mr. Swift himself in 2010, and from what I’ve heard, enticed absolutely no one to sign on and rightfully so. For some strange reason he felt the need to bring it up again?

      The idea that what we do is unethical leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, and who the hell does Mr. Swift think he is to decide what is ethical and what is not. Apparently it’s only ethical IF it meets his standards and we all know what they are. Me thinks his bias shows just a little…

      What a pair….Heritage Harry and Warsaw Wally! There’s a cartoon series there somewhere.

    • Joe Smith

      On this side of the pond, we call them ass hats.

  2. Perhaps the funniest part of all this ethical detecting nonsense is that anyone one signing up for this ‘club’ cannot actually contact its founder member – someone called ‘NR Swift’. Mr or Miss Swift refuses to supply his/her address details.
    Now, whether the club’s ideals have wide ethical appeal is a moot point, but asking people to join a club/association where the founding member’s address verges on a state secret is most definitely UNETHICAL. Then when one realises this ‘ethical’ club hogwash is the stable-mate of the Artefact Erosion Counter, one soon realises that idiocy, unlike genius, has no bounds.

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