This Thugwit Needs to Get Hoiking!

Really anxious to get out and hoik a few historically significant and hopefully valuable relics out of the ground, but the weather has been much too HOT.   Perhaps I need to consider a little nighthawking or better yet sort through those boxes of Anglo Saxon items I have in the garage and put a few up on Ebay.  It worries me because if  I don’t get hoiking soon Warsaw Wally will move on and then what will I do?  What will he do?  I simply can’t afford to disappoint “Mr. Congeniality“!

I’ve pretty much refrained from linking to Wally’s blog, but I think it’s time to give him more exposure.  You see the more you read, the more you will understand the man and his motives.  I have never, ever read a positive, humorous or non-anti-detecting post on his blog.  I kid you not. I challenge you to find one.

shitpot2I never sought out Wally.  He found me about a year a half ago when he discovered my website and decided to attack a photo of a friend of mine.  Then he went on to attack my website and it’s “amateurish” layout, my grammar, my spelling and just about anything else he could find. Thus started our glowing  friendship…

The storylines are there if you care to plug my name into his search area.  I have been told to ignore him, but you see he keeps showing up no matter where I go.  Kind of like a mosquito. He is, without question, a full-time, 24/7  troll.

His latest attack on the  Detecting Diva is a classic example of how the man can take something so innocuous and turn it into a denunciation of the entire pastime.   As much as I hate saying this I would urge you to keep reading his blog.  It will alert you that there are those out there whose only goal is to shut us down, and put us out of business.   I would also advise you against commenting on any of his posts.  Allyson gave it a whirl and wound up being insulted further. The man(?) has no limits when it comes to who he will attack or insult (he has even been banned on archaeological forums). He does have one friend, Nigel Swift (a.k.a. Heritage Harry) of Heritage Action who will comment once in a while just so Wally can feel needed and appreciated.

So proceed at your own risk, and be forewarned, he is bat shit crazy and very good at stirring the pot.  In the meantime I will attempt to get out and do some hoiking!



Thanks to Jessie Thompson for making me aware of this forthcoming movie. I just want to point out that the detector shown is a White’s, and just another reason why I use one.




Just read this ARTICLE  and had to laugh. Why? Because it’s pure speculation and guesswork, and what do you think would happen if say a treasure hunter made the same claim?  Really….think about it?  We would be ridiculed and laughed at by the academics forever and ever.  I also found this part somewhat amusing….

“But the biblical find was just the latest in a long list of similar claims. For generations, numerous churches have alleged to have a piece of the hallowed wooden cross.  The famed 16th-century theologian John Calvin once joked that “if all pieces that could be found were collected together, they would make a big ship-load.”

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I personally found the article to be just so much BS. It always amazes me that archaeologists can get away with such wild ass guesses/theories, but then again they do have degrees (well some do anyway)….



Many thanks to Eddy Current for the following….

Broighter Gold Will Return to Limavady

Bronze & Iron Age Relics Found

Update on the SS Gairsoppa

Devastated Bride Finds Rings with Metal Detector

Treasure Hunter Returns Wedding Ring



Please click on this photo of  a “young Ken MacIntrye” for an update on his battle with cancer. He can use and would appreciate any and all help in this fight…


You can donate to the “Give Forward Fund” mentioned, or you can contribute (and win a new detector) by donating to the following effort started by a group of  concerned detectorists. Click HERE for all the details.



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10 responses to “This Thugwit Needs to Get Hoiking!

  1. This is what I Tweeted a couple of days ago when the Cross of Jesus was found: ‘Went out detecting the other day – all I found was rusty nails from the Resurrection! HONEST!’

    Also last week was the news that an archaeologist (so he said) had uncovered King David’s palace … My reply was ‘Queen of Sheba’s last resting place found in my back garden.’

    This ‘unabashed sensationalism’ is very prevalent in the archaeological community. It seems that a vivid imagination – and that BS degree – is essential for anyone taking up the trowel.

    • You won’t believe what I found today! Ah never mind….

      John I suspect such “manufactured” discoveries and announcements go a long way towards continued funding.

  2. wintersen

    But the agencies coughing up the money can’t be that gullible … can they?

    • John I would certainly hope not. Perhaps with all the great finds being attributed to detectorists there’s a sense of desperation amongst the archaeological community, resulting in these titillating “BS” headlines.

  3. I found an oxen shoe yesterday–it was from Bethlehem, and still had the original nails attached. Oh yeah, I meant Bethlehem, Connecticut. Sorry.

  4. Robbie

    DetectingDiva…that is FUNNY !!!

  5. Lisa

    When it comes to claims of finding “The Holy Grail”, or anything biblical, it has more to do with politics and dogma than actual discoveries. Especially when it comes to Israel/Palestine control and ownership. So why should not Turkey jump right on in there? Of course, finding an artifact of this nature is worth studying. It is “something” of historical significance. The other factor, as stated, is money. Securing funding is never easy and this is one way to pique much interest, and possible donations or government funds. I don’t see this as a bad thing, per say. It doesn’t matter who finds what, or how it’s found, just that it is found. A vivid imagination goes a long way in verifying things which may be overlooked. Again, not always a bad thing. Just about anything we find is at first guessing and forming a hypothesis is the first step in our attempts at forming a conclusion. Science is all about maybes and what ifs. Great discoveries start out as speculation and progress from that “what if”. I see my “B.S degree” no different than any person with a detector. I find, you find, and we speculate, then hopefully we verify. If we are wrong, so be it. We didn’t overlook, or close our minds to “maybe”. And then we move on in search of the next great discovery.

  6. Lisa

    On a different note…Continued thank you’s to all who have sent prayers and donations to Ken’s cancer fund. And continued thank you’s to Dick (I AM going to keep thanking you so get over it. It is the least I can do.) for helping to put together this amazing fundraiser and continued visibility on every blog. We have sold over $400.00 in tickets in just 4 days! Thank you!!

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