Diva in Wally’s Dog House…

Well, apparently the tekkie police in Poland are out in full force. My mention of Allyson Cohen’s photo on the most recent Searcher magazine brought forth this little essay.

The troll extraordinaire just couldn’t resist but then we all know he lives and dies for that ultimate tekkie insult.  Well he didn’t get it this time for sure. I would also warn him against messing with Allyson…he may be sorry.  Then again he loves insulting the gals.  Brings out his manliness (Hmmm?).

A little over a year ago, Wally actually stated the following on his blog….

“Despite certain differences of opinion, it is gratifying to be able to put on record that Dick Stout is a decent bloke. Your health Sir”.

You see I posted a photo of him, and he asked that I take it down because he had been threatened by so many tekkies  (nah….couldn’t be).  Being the kind, caring, non-violent person I am, I honored his request and took it down, thus his  response above.

Well my friends I have had it with his ongoing anti-tekkie BS, and have decided to go back on my word….something I have never done. Here  for all the world to see is Mr. Barford’s  PHOTO



If you regularly visit my blog you already know about the caring effort that the Relic Roundup crew is involved in.  If not see my last few posts.  As we continue to get more prizes we will add them to the list, and I will continue to remind you of the effort because it’s important.

I just received an email from Anita Holcombe at American Digger Magazine adding two more options for obtaining tickets..

You can email  greybird55@att.net or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account:  Lisamac59@yahoo.com.  If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by USPS send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email…you will either be sent your ticket stubs (if you include a self addressed stamped envelope) or sent photos of them via email.

Please read HERE for the latest on Ken’s situation.



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17 responses to “Diva in Wally’s Dog House…

  1. “So this is supposed to be more of that Stouty-Howland ‘Tongue-in-cheek’ nonsense?” writes Warsaw Wally.
    Nonsense or not, Wally, fell for it hook, line and sinker, in his haste to post an insult. This isn’t the first time either he’s been set up and not always by Tekkies. If only trout rose to the fly as quickly!
    If anyone wants to defend the hobby, then do it with someone of real substance….why talk with the oil rag when the engine driver is on hand.

  2. Lisa

    Number one…There is no one on earth better than you! You all have become my restorer in humanity. What you have done/are doing for my son is above and beyond! What everyone has done/doing is above and beyond!

    Number two…that picture of Wally scared me to death!

    Number three…The snarky attacks on Allyson’s photo? Is that all he can come up with? Really pathetic and childish. But not surprising. He’s at least very predictive.

    • Lisa no need to thank us…. We are doing this because we want to and because we can. Tomorrow it could very well happen to one of us.

      Sorry about that photo….That was the best one of him out there. Supposedly taken on a Sunday after church….?

    • bill from lachine


      As Dick Stout stated the little bit we did was the least we could do under the circumstances….here’s wishing Ken, you and the rest of the family all the best during these trying times.

      As to Warsaw Wally…..I’d take him to task but I’d rather fly with the eagles than hang out with turkeys like him….lol.

      Regards + HH


  3. Gary Killmer

    Interesting article I came across while searching metal detecting in my county of Dutchess.. http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/metal-detecting-and-archaeological-advocacy-some-observations-and-ideas-from-a-detectorist/

  4. Gary Killmer

    Ha! I see you already responded in the comments … Deeply sorry for passing along this old information.

    • Hi Gary… yep mentioned this in the July 28th update. Scott Clark took part in the program and enjoyed it a great deal. Check out his website for more info. The link is listed here on the right (Detecting USA)….it’s an excellent one.

      Thanks for thinking of my blog for sharing this. I really appreciate it.

  5. Robbie

    That “photo” of WW……………. is that what most all archaeologists look like?? ( I hope Lisa doesn’t take offense….as I said MOST…. and she isn’t afraid to show her photo) No wonder the U.K. kicked the “Warsaw Whiner” out, and he went to Poland !!! heh..heh..heh..heh…heh

  6. I just want to say that I do happen to know some “coin fairies”, and have bought magic dust from them in the past. It’s not a cheap item to acquire, and I usually have to trade ancient arrowheads or shards of pottery (they like to do puzzles) along with cash just to get my hands on the stuff.
    As for detecting in pastures…never heard of a problem with it in the states. Maybe I can use my “magic dust” to find one to detect.

  7. Ricardo:
    Viking stuff….my backside. Those bracelets are Saxon. The site. if you recall, was 5th/6th century. The reddish gold shows they were probably sourced in Wales. I’ll email you a N&A of a museum guy down your way who does favours, if you follow me.

    • Sorry John, I get confused. Viking, Anglo Saxon, Roman, Celtic…I have so many boxes in the garage I get confused.

      Please do pass along the contact info but by email only.

  8. I know you get confused…it’s an ‘age’ thing. WW is a spent force and I have to say that HH is the dominant intellectual force. He needs careful monitoring.

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