Your Chance to Win a Detector & Help A Friend in Need…

As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated.  I am very proud to be part of this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine’s  Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously. So mark it down folks….on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White’s V3X Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4×6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of  White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Duak Pak (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TCI, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)

We also have various accessories, free subscriptions to Western & Eastern Treasures Lost Treasure and American Digger and more….

In the next couple of days we will be working out all the details and will pass them on. Stay tuned!!  All proceeds from this event will go directly to Ken and Heather MacIntyre, and for updates on Ken please click  HERE.



Thanks to Jessie Thompson and Allyson Cohen (a.k.a. Detecting Diva)for alerting me to this article.

For Metal ‘Detectorists,’ the Real Find Is a Place to Sweep in Peace

Here’s hoping that it’s received well, and our current plight understood. Thanks Jessie and Diva…great job!!



I received the following email from my friend Mike Scott at Fisher, and wanted to share it here. Hoping some of you  saw the show on CBS this morning…


“My good friend Mike Geiger from Outdoor Outfitters will be on CBS ‘This Morning’ tomorrow morning about 8:30 CST in a feature about a class ring he recovered water hunting and returned to its original owner. I worked with Mike for many years at Outdoor and am proud to call him a friend!  He has the biggest heart of ANYONE I know.  It will be a good segment for the entire metal detecting industry and show detectorists in an extremely positive light.

Mike isn’t one to seek out publicity and he doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but he agreed to do this to highlight the wonderful aspects of our hobby.  The AP picked up the story and it ran like wildfire throughout the country-here is one example;”

High School Ring Returned After 65 Years

Great job Mike Geiger proud to call you a friend!-you are a great ambassador!”

Dig Deep!


Thanks Mike Scott for sharing this and thanks Mike Geiger for helping us all…you are very much appreciated!!



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Treasure-huntersTargeted by Metal Detector Guidelines

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Are You Shittin’Me?



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