A Tough Time for Our Friend & Family..

You should all be familiar with archaeologist Lisa MacIntyre, and our recent debates on the Relic Roundup shows.  Now I want you to show Lisa what kind of people we really are.  Lisa’s son, Ken was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and will need a great many tests and treatments.  I want to share her comments on Facebook here, and hope that we can all come together and help in some way.

“Ken’s insurance is maxed out and treatment has not even begun. The PET scan tomorrow is $2000.00.  Heather, my daughter-in-law and Ken’s wife, has started this fund to try and offset some of what will amount to thousands in medical bills. Ken works part time and is attending school full time while Heather works full time.  Neither of them are on any government assistance which means this must all come out of pocket.  Any amount would help us keep Ken in treatment and save his life.”

If you care to contribute to this cause you can do so by clicking here.  So come on everyone, let’s show our true colors. Any amount will help. Thank you….



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18 responses to “A Tough Time for Our Friend & Family..

  1. bill from lachine


    Here sending positive vibes for Ken’s treatment and speedy recovery.

    Regards + HH


  2. Thanks Bill..know Lisa and family will appreciate it, and thank you for your generous donation.

  3. Thanks as well to Chicago Ron for his generous donation. I will even call it even with that meal you owe me. It somehow seems meaningless doesn’t it?

  4. Done and Done – someone should tell Heather that the detecting community is pulling for him (and the family.)

  5. MzJavert

    Anyway we can donate via snail mail?

  6. Lisa

    To the entire community:
    When Dick first posted this for our son, I was grateful. For him to reach out to me and my family with such a gesture shows compassion and a friendship I will treasure forever. The outpouring of prayers, well wishes, good vibes, and money, however, has astounded me and my family! I have never physically met any of you, only “spoken” through this blog, or on Relic Roundup. And many of you have never even spoken to me, let alone met me or my son. We are but perfect strangers. Yet each and every one of you opened your hearts and your pocketbooks to help this stranger, Ken MacIntyre.
    For Ken, and our family, to ask for help is not something that comes easy. However, this is my child. And as any parent can contest, a parent will do just about ANYTHING for their child.
    So I say, to each and every one of you, thank you from the bottom of my soul. Your generosity has touched us in ways we can never express. This will undoubtedly be one the hardest endeavors Ken faces in his life. It will surely be mine. Know that, above all, you have touched a life in a way that raises you above.
    I am starting a Facebook page to keep people updated and anyone is welcome to join if so desired. You can also check for updates on the donation page.
    From the Macintyre family to the entire metal detecting community, Thank You! You are all what we call, “Good people”!

  7. bill from lachine

    Here’s a song I’m sending out to you, Ken and the rest of your family……I think it fits the situation.

    Tom Petty – I won’t back down.

  8. Lisa

    Thank you, Bill! I cried, of course, but it was perfect.

  9. Ken MacIntyre

    Dear everyone:
    Hi, this is Ken MacIntyre. I just wanted to leave a response here to express my deep personal gratitude for everything that all of you done. The outpouring of support have experienced in the last few days has been both astonishing and truly touching, especially given the fact that I have never even met any of you. I want everyone to know how deeply appreciative I am for all of you opening your hearts to me. I am completely blown away by the overwhelming kindness of a community that I do not even know. Thank you all so much!
    Ken MacIntyre

  10. bill from lachine


    Stay strong and positive and you’ll beat this. Here’s positive vibes and a song coming your way.

    Bob Seger – Like a rock.

  11. Mike Smith

    Checks in the mail! Sent to Lisa yesterday!

    Thoughts and prayers with the McIntyre family!

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