The Arkie vs. Tekkie Shows…

I want to thank Butch Holcombe of American Digger magazine, Jeff Lubbert, co-host of their Relic Roundup show, and  archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre for a fun couple of hours. The two shows were informative and a step forward in what has been an ongoing battle within our two communities.  Thank you also to all who tuned in, called in, sharing your thoughts and opinions.  If only interactions like this could take place on a larger scale and on a regular basis…..

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Lisa MacIntyre is a breath of fresh air as archaeologists go in that she makes an attempt to understand our take on things, and she offers hope that newer archaeological grads will be similiar in their thought process.  At least lets hope so.

So what next?  Where do we go from here? Will there be more discussions between the two factions? Who will take the iniative to make it happen? I have no answers.  Hopefully someone does….



John Howland added an update to the Malamute Saloon, and I hope you will take a moment or two to read it. As you know John’s contributions usually relate to  what’s happening in the UK and today’s is rather thought provoking. Sure to raise a few hackles amongst the trolls. Then again it doesn’t take much…..

To read John’s latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.  Thanks John… 



Thanks to Eddy Current for much of the following. Be sure to check out Eddy’s Facebook site…Metal Detecting News!

Head of Cultural Heritage Protection Arrested for Selling National Treasures

Anthropology Group Objects to Dig Wars

Unique Medieval Harness Found



I have had a few emails from friends asking more about this individual and I shared with them my past dealings. I would urge you all not to respond to his posts.  He is baiting you into responding, and will only post your comment after he has crafted a nasty follow-up.  His life is spent trolling the internet, looking for anything and everything he can find to cast a shadow on our pastime.

Warsaw Wally also claims not to be interested in what we do here in the States, but always finds a way to say something insulting about our great country.  Then again he claims to be a British archaeologist (though no one can find any credentials) living in Poland.  Hmmm..?  I can also share instances where those in his own community have barred him on their forums.

So proceed with caution and be aware of his motives. He’s one sorry and sad SOB.



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3 responses to “The Arkie vs. Tekkie Shows…

  1. WW insults the US – it’s par for the course…remember, this is the guy who emigrated from the Free West, to embrace Communist Poland in 1986 at a time when the majority of Poles were fighting to throw off the shackles of Communist barbarism, secret police, gulags, and the incarceration of political opponents.

    I’m more than happy the Council for British Archaeology, through it’s Director Mike Heyworth, has aligned itself with Comrade Wally, via the ludicrous and now thoroughly discredited Artefact Erosion Counter. By their friends shall we know them!

  2. Lisa

    I’m sorry I am slow to respond. This week life hit me in the face with a brick! I do want to thank you, Dick, and everyone who listened and/or called in to the show. I had a great times and feel very good about the dialogue/questions/answers. I also want to thank all who post here on your blog for always treating me with utmost respect! That brick that hit me this week may cause me a little delay in getting some things moving, however, please do not give up! We ARE moving forward, slowly but surly!

    • Lisa, thanks for responding here, and no need to apologize. Understand completely what you are dealing with, and this blog is so meaningless given the situation. Hang in there….we are all pulling for you.

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