Relic Roundup Tomorrow Night…

Just a reminder that tomorrow night Lisa MacIntyre and I will once again be doing the “tekkie vs. arkie” thing on American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup Show.   I hope you will make an effort to tune in.  Likewise please call in if you have questions for either of us.  Last Monday’s show was a good one….a lot of important issues were brought up, discussed and I was pleased with the give and take. Mark it down….Monday night, 9pm Eastern standard time….




Got an email from my friend Mark Ellis telling me about one of his recent jobs….that of finding someone’s gold teeth!  To read more click here. Mark has found a way to turn his pastime into a sideline business and he has done well with it.  Thanks for sharing Mark.



Top Archaeologist Held Over Artifacts Smuggling

Scotland Coining in On the Treasure Trail 

Gold Viking Ingot Discovered by Amateur Treasure Hunter

Coin Hoard on Display

Explorers Raise the Bar…1,574 Silver Ones_



In the past I have posted links to my blog updates on a few of the many detecting forums out there.  I no longer do that…..way too many hassles and annoyances.  If you wish to receive an email each time I post,  enter your email address where it says “Follow blog via email”…bottom of left column. Thanks….





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5 responses to “Relic Roundup Tomorrow Night…

  1. Despite what the apologists Warsaw Wally or Heritage Harry would have the world believe, rogue archaeologists are, and have been for years, feeding the illicit antiquities market, especially with ceramics.
    There must surely be a world-wide crackdown, or stricter licensing of archaeologists, as governments around the globe are now recognizing the fact they’ve been ‘had’ and that treasure hunters don’t have the monopoly of the villainy.
    We must all push and lobby for greater punishments for rogue archaeologists such as Vessey, a serial thief, who stole on an industrial scale, artefacts from the excavations he was employed on.

  2. Robbie

    There was an article in a Treasure magazine many years ago where famed TH’er Richard Ray visited a small museum in Texas where some of his finds were on display. He looked at them and they had been replaced with reproductions.He went through legal procedings to try and find the original artifacts and I don’t think the artifacts were ever located.

  3. Robbie

    Missed most of the Relic Roundup talk last night but did notice Lisa got in more talk time (again) than you did. At least one member of the archaeology group is attempting to bridge the gap. And that is a HUGE beginning. Maybe we can do it one person at a time, little by little. After all the turtle won the race with the hare, didn’t he??

    • Robbie, I think it was only natural that most call in questions were directed at Lisa. She was in the minority for sure, and I thought she came through it all with flying colors. Truly a breath of fresh air, and I didn’t mind at all.

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