Update on Relic Roundup Invitation…

Well by now I am sure you all know that Mr. Barford refused the invitation to appear on the Relic Roundup show (Relic Roundabout to Wally).  Not surprised however.  It was expected.  Apparently he can stay up to 3am to LISTEN to “Relic Roundabout” but can’t stay up to TALK on  RELIC ROUNDUP. Such is the life of a troll….

If you’re interested in his response you can read it under “comments” here.  Hopefully you will be able to get through all the double talk and “roundabout” answers.  I find his use of that word rather comical since it’s what they call traffic circles in the UK.  If you are unfamiliar with the area you will often have to go around and around to find your exit. Hmmm……?

I think without a doubt the following comment pretty much sums up his purpose…

“Instead of talking TO metal detectorists, it seems to me more productive these days to address the issues ABOUT them”.


Incidentally Butch has since responded to his “comments” but apparently Wally did not care to share that (as least not as of this update). I will….

“Sadly, Mr. Bradford, given the tone of your remarks, we see no reason to comment after this on any post by you. We (hosts Butch Holcombe and Jeff Lubbert – not “Mr. Relicroundup” as you addressed your comment to) do very well with moderating our shows and have had guests representing both camps.  We will offer nothing beyond having you on as a guest. That invitation is open, but we’ll go no farther in our efforts to let you share your concerns to an audience far beyond your personal blog.  It is regretful that you will not use this opportunity to enlighten our listeners on your beliefs,  but that is your decision.  Meanwhile, we’ll push forward in our drive to get relic hunters and archaeologists working towards a more common goal than petty arguing”.


Butch, Jeff, and the Relic Roundup team


Butch, Jeff, your effort to bring in Mr. Barford was noble. Unfortunately to him we will always be thugwits (damn I kinda like that name)!



Guess who else wanted to share his two cents? The man from the Malamute Saloon, who else. Paul Barford’s best friend! John’s take on anything is never very subtle,  and this update is no different. To read it click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date….. 



Read the Description Please

Coil & Diggers  Club of Lane County

Florida Metal Detector Fanatics Fight Laws



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5 responses to “Update on Relic Roundup Invitation…

  1. Now the dust has settled and WW finally exposed as someone whose courage is it seems, somewhat less robust than his peculiar notions about metal detecting/treasure hunters, let’s leave this twerp in his hermetically sealed fantasy world, and get on with the business of finding treasure in all its forms in the REAL world.

  2. Indeed. Guess he’s not going to put up that link to our site we asked for….

  3. Lisa

    I think he was dropped on a metal detector as a child. In all seriousness, I would respond to any of his comments, but firstly, he would not post the response so why bother, and secondly, he seriously is not capable of an adult, rational, conversation. (The whole “lot” of you are idiots, and although he has never once spoken to me, I am a pseudo archaeologist that does not have enough brains to know not to be associated with the “lot”…and appearantly our schools suck as well). I will admit to glancing at his blog now and then, if for no other reason than to remind myself of what I am not. A bitter, uncommunicative, shell of a person spewing useless fodder, righteously (delusional) thinking he is doing any kind of good, for anything! But I digress…John is correct, leave this twerp and move on to things that really matter…This sorry excuse is not worth anyone’s time. Grammar check me Wally! Have a blast.

  4. Wow, hope you calm down before Monday night…

  5. Calm down dear….you’ll get Ricardo all a’bother….and that’s not good at his age!
    Now, if anyone can get a US version of the PAS up and running, you can. There’s no reason that I can fathom where a ‘find’ whatever it be, should not be retained by the finder provided the information surrounding that find is recorded. There may of course be circumstances where the find is of such importance that it has to be retained by a museum, then the finder should be adequately compensated.
    Oh, be gentle with the old boy on Monday…..

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