Pissed in Poland…

Apparently the Monday night debate on Relic Roundup didn’t please a certain someone in Warsaw (surprise of surprises).   He has now decided that Lisa MacIntyre is on his hit list, and has responded with his usual vitriolic remarks. Please do read them  here. It’s important for you to see what sort of people are out there looking to put a lid on what we do.

After you are done reading his take on things please read this  RECENT ARTICLE.  Kind of puts things in perspective.



Well, unlike our pal in Warsaw, John Howland did not stay up until 3AM, instead opting to listen to the podcast the next day (after sobering up).  I always find his contributions amusing, and his review today is no exception. Do yourself a favor and read it by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.  Thanks John…




With my recent debate with Lisa MacIntyre half over (we meet again next week), I find myself thinking about how we stand today with regards not only to the archaeological community but our own as well.

A recent post of mine resulted in a few comments that indicated a wide divide amongst us…..one that just perhaps might not ever be narrowed.  The comments, the parties, the history of it all, the back biting, do not help our cause.  All it does is divide us and ignores the elephant in the room …



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8 responses to “Pissed in Poland…

  1. While we tend to agree that “Wally” is blinded by prejudice and old school thinking that hurts all interested in learning about the past via artifacts, we will try to keep an open mind. Perhaps he would like to come on the Relic Roundup show and defend his position? Consider this an invitation.

  2. Lisa

    Dick…the fact that you and I are friends (YES, I said that out loud) proves that the gap has indeed narrowed, even if just a fraction. I understand the distrust from both communities and you are correct in that the divide helps nothing. As seen in Warsaw, there is much divide in my community as well. However, there will always be closed minded people who simply cannot move forward or accept change for good. They will always feel that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Their ego deters any growth because if they open their minds to new ideas it might mean they have been wrong about something. And that is a fate worse than death. Most of the great thinkers of human history were ostracized and even killed for thinking outside the box. But, if we stagnate in our exploration we never bridge gaps.

  3. You guys had a great show and I will try to listen on Monday night. I too feel it is time to work together for the same thing, teaching and showing people history and what our forefathers left in the ground to study. Our club did a spring garden show last year and a couple came up to our table. The female said her husband would like to get into the hobby but their daughter is an archie. She does not like metal detectors and does not want one in their house. I told her to have her daughter contact me to try and explain our side of detecting but she never called. Hats off to both of you for giving this a start.

    Kenny Briggs
    Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC
    Chippewa Falls, WI.

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