Last Night’s Relic Roundup….

Had a lot of fun last night doing battle with Lisa Hume MacIntrye and want to thank Butch Holcombe from American Digger Magazine for the invite and the platform. I think it was good show, with a lot of back and forth, as well as give and take.  If only there were more Lisa’s out there…..


Lisa Hume MacIntyre

The show was so popular we even had Warsaw Wally up at 3AM listening in.  I can’t tell you how much this pleased us.  We all really appreciate his interest in what we  are doing over here (even though it’s none of his damn business).  I suspect however that if it were not for his deep seated hatred of our country he would have been fast asleep (dreaming of nasty thugwits no doubt).  If you are interested in reading his glowing review of the show click  here.  Lisa, Butch and I thank you Wally, and just want to say “bless your little ole heart” (and little ole brain too)!

Because of the number of callers, and because we both had more questions to ask, we will be doing Relic Roundup again next week.  Hope you will all tune in.  Thank you Lisa for being a good sport in all this….you were certainly outnumbered.  Be careful next week however…you just might wind up becoming a thugwit, like it or not!

If you were not able to listen in last night and want to hear the show it’s easy..just click  HERE.



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Coin Pendant Found by Metal Detector

School Principle Turns Hobby Into a Business

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Rare Viking Ring on Display

Roman Coin Hoard Found at Festival Site

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12 responses to “Last Night’s Relic Roundup….

  1. I reckon WW was up at 0300-hrs anyway, scribing his usual uncouth, intellectually arid contributions, and had the programme as background ‘mood music’ to get him frothing at the gob!
    Excellent programme Ricardo…and cerebrally way above anything WW or HH could muster. More of the same please.

  2. I missed it because the youngest and I were detecting. I will have to listen tonight!

  3. Lisa

    To my friend…and foe? It was indeed my pleasure to battle it out with you last night on Relic Roundup. It really was a fantastic show. I appreciate you “letting me in” and trusting me in my sincerity. I look forward to part two of our debate. As far as becoming a “thugwit”, I highly suspect good ol’ Wally has a more colorful name for me and places me in a category all its own. After all, according to him, I have defected to the dark side. You, on the other hand, have always been a thugwit. I do wonder, however, why, at 3 AM, he was not out saving the world. I would suspect that is the perfect time for thugwits to be out, what is that word he uses, hoiking(?) up the earth.
    In all seriousness, a person such as Warsaw Wally (Pineapple Willy?) is a perfect example of a mind that is so egotistical and arrogant it simply does not allow for progress and compromise. It must be exhausting to constantly fight a war that only exists in a closed mind. Are there problems? Sure. But, one would think that after years of tyrannical ranting, and seeing no results, only more problems, the light bulb would click and you would stop and say, “Maybe, just maybe, the approach is what is not working. Hmmmmm”. To live a life consumed by thinking up ways to insult, degrade, and belittle any soul that has the nerve to disagree with your thoughts, ideologies, or what you perceive as “the only correct way to do anything” makes me hope he is in a very small minority. “Bless his heart” indeed!

  4. Robbie

    Just read “a person from Warsaw” blogpage and was very suprised that he was somewhat civil in his review of the show ( compared to most of his other tekkie hate filled blogs). The history of the U.K. goes back farther than US history, and Lisa is correct that many items found out of the detectors range of depth are not metal(stone tools, clay pottery, stone arrow points) and most metal detectoists are NOT looking for them.

    • Surprised that he was somewhat civil? Remember Robbie it was 3 in the morning, and he probably not up to snuff. Keep any eye for the follow-ups….

  5. Lisa

    I will admit that Wally did point out one thing on his tirade last night (LOVE to read his entertaining) that is true. I do say “you know” a lot. I need to work on that. Thank you for pointing that out so that I may better my speaking ability.

  6. Big Tony from Bayonne

    I read the whining of Warsaw Wally and I have to say – “wouldn’t-it-be-nice” if he listens in again and does another good write up? He hit all of our talking points! Do I thank him for documenting the fact that we are trying to get both sides talking in order to meet a common goal?
    I think so, thank you and also thank you for letting the European community know what we were trying to accomplish.
    BTW – we do conserve our finds and we also preserve them. Many of us return items and or donate them to museums in the USA. I just did this past spring but that story has not been published just yet. More to come on that find later this year. And yes the site will be in the article.

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