Arkie vs. Tekkie & The Hype….

Well as you all know I am taking on an archaeologist next Monday on the American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup show. Lisa Hume MacIntyre, from Jacksonville, Florida and I will be airing out our differences. The show starts at 9PM EST. Hope you will tune in, and more importantly call in with your thoughts and concerns.  I intend to try and keep things civil but that is entirely up to Lisa.  We shall see.

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

I was listening in to Monday’s Relic Roundup and could not believe the promo Butch Holcombe put together for next Monday…he definitely has too much time on his  hands! To hear it click  HERE



More Medieval  Artifacts At Richard III Dig Site 

4000 Year Old Pyramid Torn Down

Civil War Soldiers & Food

Baseball Recovered From Civil War Battlefield


Well after yesterday’s post about the mob meeting in Atlantic City I am taking heat. I should have known better….

Ronnie DeGhetto (or Ronnie the Digger) has promised to get even for my comments, I had to change a few words to make a couple people happy (and keep me healthy), and I had to tweak a photo or two to make people look better.  To compound all this I stupidly made the mistake of calling Dave McMahon’s radio show last night. What the hell was I thinking?

Dave MacMahon

Dave MacMahon

Now this cast of characters (usual suspects) are pushing me to be in Chicago next year. Well maybe pushing is too kind a word.  How about threatening!!  When  “Chicago Ron” and “Ronnie the digger” say “you will show up” it means I better be there.  What to do, what to do, what to do…..?  No way I can’t keep with  these guys at my age….

Maybe I could show up detect for a few minutes, then sit in a beach chair and watch? Maybe I could just join them for the drinking part? Better yet, maybe I  could entertain Gretchen while Ron and the rest are playing in the sand?

Well at least I have a few months to figure all this out….sometimes I am so damn stupid!



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4 responses to “Arkie vs. Tekkie & The Hype….

  1. Lisa

    I look very angry in that picture. I am really a very nice person, contrary to what Dick says about me. Civil is my middle name!

  2. Robbie

    Dick, I heard a rumor that the mob guys were going to Dallas to “take care of sumptin'” (jk).

    I hope to be listening in on the 15th on “THE RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlE”..

    • Yep, still have the wife watching out the window, and the car is gassed up.

      As for Monday night…not sure it will be a rumble. Maybe more of a disagreement.

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