Chicago Ron Does AC……

Chicago Ron, a.k.a. Ron Guinazzo, was in Atlantic City for the long 4th of July weekend, and it was for an impromptu few days of detecting, thanks to Dave McMahon of  the Detecting Lifestyle.  Ron was of course accompanied by Gretchen, his good looking detecting partner. Damn, ….some  guys.


Ron & Gretchen

According to Dave, “the event was the idea of myself, Dennis O’Connor and Ron himself.  We wanted to have a “gathering” not an event.  No corporate involvement, no contest, just a bunch of like minded, passionate about the hobby people, to get together and detect. No seeded beach, blah, blah, blah… just all of us enjoying detecting, talking and getting to meet face to face. Ronnie DeGhetto, of the Gold Digger did give us a few handouts and support.”

Gretchen, Dave & Ron

Gretchen, Dave & Ron

They decided to call this impromptu gathering “Detect-A-Palooza” and agreed to do it again next year in Chicago.  I personally love the idea…’s hoping it stays casual and unencumbered by corporate interests.  Kind of a For Detectorists, by Detectorists“!

A Chicago/New Jersey mob meeting...

A Chicago/New Jersey mob meeting…


Couple of last minute brainfarts…..

I an totally envious of Chicago Ron, his beautiful girlfriend, his fame, his aura, etc., and gave serious thought to trying to imitate him, but eventually gave up.  I just didn’t think “Dallas Dick” would work. I kept imagining people Googling that….?  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Lastly, Ronnie get rid of the wave sounds on your website….annoying as hell.  Then change your last name please. DeGhetto? Really?  Come on man….how about using your street name, “Ronnie the Digger“? Just sayin….

Hey just kidding Ronnie, really. No offense. Love you man. Just busting your chops. You understand, don’t you? Don’t make  any calls….please?


Be sure to check out Dave’s  Detecting Lifestyle Radio Call in Show.  Lots of info, plenty of BS, and more.




Well, Warsaw Wally, a.k.a., Paul Barford has a book titled    The Early Slavs.  It came out in 2001, and never made the New York Times best seller  list, but was on the list of “those you might read if you were sentenced to life in prison”. Anyway before you rush out and waste half a hundred, you should read the Malamute  Saloon review, and who better to share his thoughts on this over priced tome than John Howland.

As you know John and Wally get along swimmingly, and just in case you didn’t know, they are actually related, though a little ways back as generations go.  John’s forbearers  originated in a bog somewhere in Scotland, while Wally’s came from a cesspool in Warsaw.  Anyway, if you are interested in Bubba’s take on Wally’s epic,  click on the Malamute link above and scroll down to today’s date.



I was saddened to read that Della Ruth Huntley, a long time member of the Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had passed  away.  Della Ruth and her husband Bill were avid TH’ers for over 40 years, very active in their club, familiar faces at many of the events in the Southwest, and always  willing to lend a helping hand. She will be missed. RIP Della Ruth Huntley……

Bob Podhrasky, Della Ruth & I, early Treasure Expo, late 80's

Bob Podhrasky, Della Ruth & I, early Treasure Expo, late 80’s



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3 responses to “Chicago Ron Does AC……

  1. I bet it was a pleasure to be on your old happy hunting grounds. It was good to keep it a secret too or you would have had me and every metal detector fan in NJ, PA, NY, over there just to see you.

  2. John H

    Della Ruth Huntley, never met the lady but knew all about her; she’s sadly missed. God bless.

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