Harry Loves Us!!

Well Heritage Harry suddenly loves the United States, or to be precise, the state of Michigan.  Harry has been  quiet of late, and I wondered when he would get back on the Warsaw trolley, and lo and behold!   Maybe orders from Poland?.

No doubt Harry was trolling,  “Googling” words like looter, pot robber, and came across this article from the Petoskey News, a Northern Michigan newspaper.  As a result he now loves the entire United States of America, and wishes us a happy 4th of July.  What a guy.  Thanks Harry….might have been nice if you just wished us a happy 4th, without the link?

As you probably already know, Wally and Harry are, and have been for some time, royally pissed about the success of the Portable Antiquies Scheme, and in the  process constantly berate their own Council for British Archaeology (probably the reason they are considered outcasts and illegitimate among their peers).  You see the thought that someone with a metal detector might actually uncover historically significant finds keeps them awake at night, and that he might actually get paid for it drives them nuts (short trip).

Oh well, lives goes on and these two will continue their crusade against those of us who hoik (love that word) things out the ground, pull tabs, bottle caps and all….




Mysterious ‘Mold Gold Cape’ returns to Wales

Man Finds Civil War Cannonball in Yard

Search for Buried Time Capsule

Medieval Find Sold at Auction

Fenn’s Gold Still Out There

Ring Find on First Outing

Isle of Man Viking Silver Declared TreasureTrove



Watched the 5th episode and once again it was fair to middling. One complaint however….whoever does the choreography needs to either improve on it or leave it out.  The dance scenes were terrible.



Today, July 4th, would have been Mom and Dad’s 77th anniversary, and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of them. How I wish I could go back and spend more time with them. If your parents are still living treasure the moment and let them know how much you love them, before it’s too late.


Early photograph of my Mom and Dad…..I call it the “Bonnie & Clyde” photo


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  1. Yeah, I guess we’ve had Harry all wrong…is he a capitalist and a democrat after all? Hmmm. Not so sure about Comrade Wally though….I mean, who would go to a communist country in 1986 as a career move? At least Burgess, Philby, and Maclean, had something tangible to offer. And not a
    thesis in sight.

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