Gettysburg…150 Years Later

To show you how out of touch I am with things,  I just learned a few days ago that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of  Gettysburg.  In fact the actual anniversary dates of July 1 thru July 3rd are almost upon us.  150 years ago, in 1863, the Union & Confederate forces  fought fiercely, and after the fighting stopped there were 51,000 dead.  I’ve been to Gettysburg, have detected in the area,  have always been fascinated by this historic battle, and how I missed  this event is beyond me (probably the good ole CSR syndrome).

Actually Gettysburg was about as close as I ever came to serous relic hunting, and that was thanks to a member of the  Pen Mar Historical Association whose name I cannot remember (see…CRS again). His farm was believed to be the site of a hastily set up field hospital, and  somewhere in my collection are a few bullets with what are thought to be teeth marks on them, the result of the medical units having run out of pain killing anesthetics  (chloroform was the most often used I believe).  One can only imagine the pain and suffering that the wounded endured during this era….

killerAdding to my embarrassment I have never read any books on this battle despite my searches there, and it’s proximity to my home in New Jersey.  I toured the battleground, visited all the museums there, but never turned a page…..until this past week.  I asked Butch Holcombe (as in American Digger Magazine) for a recommendation and he suggested Michael Shaara’s “Killer Angels“, a book I was familiar with having worked 20 years for Borders Books &  Music.  It was a perennial best seller, but one that had somehow escaped my long list of “must read” titles. While “Killer Angels” is a novel, it is widely considered one of the  best books ever written about this historic battle.

I started reading Michael Shaara’s “Killer Angels” three nights ago, and it is indeed a great read. Thanks for the recommendation Butch.

To mention Gettysburg and not mention Don Hicks, at Gettysburg Electronics would be wrong.  Don is an old friend, and has been selling detectors for the past 41 years.  He is also a veritable vault of information when it comes to this epic battle. He recently emailed, saying that over the next two weeks there will be 10,000 re-enactors in town and they are expecting over 250,000 visitors!

Do me a favor and if you are ever in that neck of the woods stop in at Gettysburg Electronics, and tell Don that Dick Stout said hi..



I recently saw this article posted by Eddy Current, and wanted to give my good friend Mike Post a plug. Mike has just reopened Woodland Detector Sales (& Museum) in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and his new shop is a beauty.

Meeting the AmericanPickers


Woodland Metal Detector Sales & Museum

Woodland Metal Detector Sales & Museum

The inside of Mikes shop

The inside of Mikes shop

Be sure to check out Mike’s website HERE



Had a couple of emails asking if I was finding anything great.  The answer is NO.  Haven’t been out for a couple of weeks, and unless things change dramatically I probably won’t be for a while. I will not and do not hunt when temps are in the high 90’s. Yesterday’s high was 105 and we just might see a cold front come through Sunday, meaning the temps will hit the mid 90’s.  Add in the lousy, stinking, woeful, horrid, miserable, dreadful and infamous black gumbo soil, and Mr.Stout will be inside cooling his heels, with a glass of Merlot.  Just call me “Wimpy”.

Go ahead and sweat...I will pass

Nah, you go ahead….will be with you in a little while.



Thanks again to Eddy Current for the following……

Woman’s Hobby Leads to Detecting

Valuable Ring Found on First Outing 

5,000 Year Old Artifacts on Show at Museum 

A reminder again that if you are on Facebook, and you want to keep up with the all the latest in treasure news, check out Eddy Currents page….you won’t be sorry.



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7 responses to “Gettysburg…150 Years Later

  1. Robbie

    The heat index here in Houston was 105 degreed and at least 95% humidity. Just walking outside to get the newspaper at 7am and quickly walking back in the house–it is hot. Even some of the die hard daily detectorists aren’t going out. :o(

  2. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    It must be horrible out there! Today my wife said it was too hot to go shopping! LOL we’re in Jersey!

  3. …thanks for the mention and support, Dick. Much appreciated! –Eddy C.

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