Dig Wars…the Continuing Saga

I watched the fourth episode of Dig Wars last night,   and have a few comments and suggestions (so what else is new huh?)….

First, the editing on this particular show really really baffled me. Why was Ron the only one getting rained on (was not a sprinkle either)?    Maybe I missed something but it was just an obvious “night & day”, or in this case, “wet & dry” goof.

Second, is the shop owner, a.k.a, the appraiser, really the shop owner?  If so, he might need to have his own show…..he’s one funny guy, and hell if they have  Pawn Stars, why not have Relic Shop Stars?  Might be an opportunity for all the relic hunting/wannabee  TV stars to get their fifteen minutes of fame (and while I am having these brainfarts, how about a Beach Detecting show?).

Next, I would like to see the finds cleaned up and displayed in some fashion at the end of the show.  From what I’ve seen so far, most all  are mud covered, unrecognizable items. And how great would it be if the show ended up with the cast, cleaned up (sans camo), sharing a beer or two, talking about their day.   You know, the winner buying rounds, etc..(now that would fit my idea of reality)

digwars44All in all I like the show, and I think it has the potentital to get better, especially if it’s renewed for another season. A lot of the minor glitches could  and would be worked out, and just maybe those producing it would take to heart the many suggestions offered by the detecting fraternity.

While I have pretty much sworn off metal detecting forums, the comments about Dig Wars are usually critical, with a few way over the top.  It’s  one thing to not like a show, but to insult and degrade the effort is just wrong.  Folks, it’s a TV show about metal detecting, and it’s purpose is to entertain EVERYONE, not just  you.

I have to laugh as well at the “they are hunting sites no one else has access to” and “it’s all about the money thing“, or “no one takes their finds to an appraiser” comments (usually from the same people who say no one would want to watch a group of tekkies digging pulltabs and junk).

I am also amazed too at the number of detectorists who have suddenly announced that they were offered TV shows but turned them down because they wouldn’t do justice to the pastime.  Who knew?   So many martyrs among us!!  To think we could have been watching detecting shows hours on end!

Maybe I am wrong, but I have a feeling a few of us do get items appraised (especially beach hunters), and I know for a fact that a few of us sell an item or two here  and there (I have and not embarrassed to say so) .  I also suspect the harshest critics of Dig Wars would have jumped at the chance to be on it.  Just sayin…..



Think most of you are familiar with the Scoville Scale and how it relates to the varying  degrees of heat in chile peppers. Well, I have now come up with the Stout Scale, and it’s function is to help me decide when to go detecting.  It goes like this:

80 degrees……..yep!

85 degrees……..Possibly!

90 degrees……..Will think about it!

95 degrees……..Nope!

100 degrees…….Hell No!

Tomorrows predicted temperature?  105 degrees, and that requies a “are you shittin me”?



Just a reminder that Lisa Hume MacIntyre and I will be having a shootout July 15th on the Relic Roundup Show,  produced by American Digger magazine.  Should prove interesting, and given the time we both have to prepare, it could get a little  testy.  Hate to argue with or berate a lady, but she is an arkie and hey, that changes things!

Just got my latest issue of American Digger magazine….good stuff!!



Treasure Hunters Dig Up Live Shell

   Sutton Hoo: Anglo Saxon Ship Burial

Shipwreck Gold Found Off South Carolina Coast

Found Ring Declared Treasure

Iron Age Coins Found by Detectorist



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28 responses to “Dig Wars…the Continuing Saga

  1. I think that they need to get together with whoever produces American Pickers and blend some ideas. Especially like the idea of including local detectorists in the show in the places where they travel – but do not like the “relic pawn shop” idea. Agreed with you, though that the guy in the shop was fun to watch. I even wish they’d just take all “$ values” discussions off the show completely and focus on the research & fun. I think the idea of first showing couples work on old maps, hit the the library, pulling out the GPS and then securing permission – all on camera – would be great stuff…. And it would be a welcome relief from the BS of seeing Randy Savage waddle up in his tatted-out, all black presentation trying to sell homeowners on the “thousands of dollars” of stuff in their yard with high-pressure tactics.

    • I agree Scott…..especially like the idea of the researching bit and using local detectorists. Let’s just hope that these shows keep coming and keep getting better and better.

      As for Randy Savage, he’s history as far as I am concerned. Didn’t know his show was still on.

  2. Jeez, what are you moaning about? You’re starting to sound like Warsaw Wally….105 degrees….luverlee…it’s piddling down here in the UK……Oh yes, I know, “only mad dogs and Englishmen…” Oh, gimme some currant bun!
    (rhyming slang, Stouty!)

    I hope Lisa is gentle with you!

  3. Mike

    Last nights show was OK , but the show could be a lot better than it is. I agree with you about the end of the show, having a show and tell with all the items cleaned up (but no price tags). Also, one knows when the commercials are coming, they dig a find, and the suspense builds, then they come back to the show and give you a Bio. (4 times last night, that guy with his wife, we were told by him that he is a walking encyclopedia of the Civil War). There’s too much FILL in this show. I did like the show Digger, but I guess it’s not coming on anymore.

    • The suspense leading up to the commercial is the trend now…much like storage wars, etc.. I agree too about the fill. Guessing the folks who produce the show feel they “have” to have a little humor. Wonder how many non-detectorists even knew what turning down the discrimination was all about?

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Dick, well look at the time John posted! On this side of the pond we say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere – that is quitting time and time for a Libation or two!

    Hey about these Dig Wars, I missed it again, wow for some reason I forget this show is even on. Truth be told I only saw the first show and that night I was pulling for a win for Chicago Ron! I did like that show, and we all decided that the show needed a metal detectorist to edit the show and get the sounds right. I will have to put it on my calendar for next week.

    BTW – when it gets hot and humid you need a bull dozer to get past two inches of rock hard soil. So I might head for late after noon sand instead!

    • Well if anyone would agree it’s time to have a sip it would be you Tony. Having said that, have one for me.

      As for the hitting the sand….it’s along drive for me.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne!

        Yes, I agree it is a long drive to sandy areas, whether they are lakes, bays or ocean beaches. I can’t complain about that – I have the time and energy so why not get out there and hunt? Then having a libation for you is more a rewarding feeling.

      • Having a libation for me a more rewarding feeling? Give me a break. Since when do you need a rewarding feeling to have a drink? Come on Tony…

      • Big Tony from Bayonne!

        Your right. My last post didn’t come out the way I wanted it too. Oh well, brain cramp or as you say brain fart!
        My opinion on “Dig Wars” is that I want to see some cool finds, period!
        I don’t care what others will think about this crazy hobby. I got over that issue a long time ago.

  5. Joe Smith

    I you really think about it, watching someone with a detector is like watching yoga on TV, or watching insects have sex. It really has most people wonder why we do it. (including my wife who has a standing order of a size 7, 2 carat, platinum and never gets it)

    For me, it’s about a few hours of peace and quiet (Zen), a little exercise, a little research, a lot of junk (artifacts that I would gladly share with the twerp in Poland) and the occasional good find to keep you interested. I fill my holes, leave the landscape better than I find it, and try to be friendly to everyone that I meet. An old coin makes my day, and every day I can get out is a good day. Some day I may even get a return on my investment.

    So TV has to do something to jazz it up, albeit, with an exaggerated sense of reality. If they followed me around, the show would soon be replaced with an infomercial. 🙂

    • Joe, fantastic reply…thank you. Couldn’t have said it better.

      The problem of course is that TV has no idea of what to do with a metal detecting show, other than to pattern it like the other “so called” reality offerings. Here’s hoping that down the road we can have a say in this, and still make it interesting.

  6. Tim

    I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. I think it would be a great ending to show all the relics cleaned and put together at the end of the show, along with a discussion with the cast with some relaxing time, kidding, and some drinks. Maybe they could incorporate some hunting techniques and etiquette such as filling holes, etc. I did notice some hole filling in the last show. Keep it going.

    • Yep, the appraiser thing is getting old and worn, and to me, just showing the finds with a date and a little history would go a long way. Scott’s idea too of a couple researching, getting permission, would also make things more interesting, but it would most definitely have to be an hour long show.

      In the meantime let’s keep watching, offering comments, and who knows, maybe next year we will have a show we can
      all be proud of and look forward to. Thanks Tim….

  7. Ron F

    If you like the formula of the show, lucky you, then you will like a million other shows on these days. If you can’t stand the formula then you will not like the show even if you are an avid MD’er.

    • Ron, understand what you are saying, and you are right. As long as these shows are making money and attracting viewers, they will continue the same formula. Not much you or I can do about that. What I hope for is that each successive show or series will improve, and that the viewing public will tire of the same ole, same ole.

      Dig Wars is not perfect, and not exactly what we detectorists would like to see, but I think it’s an improvement over the others that came before, and I will continue watching. I also think that the producers do look at our comments, reviews and bitches, and want to do all they can to make it more authentic. I am guessing as well that the cast doesn’t have a helluva lot of input into the final editing process and/or finished product.

      Hang in there and keep your fingers crossed….just maybe down the road it will all come together.

  8. Joe(TX)

    I only saw one episode but think that it is a definitely improvement over the other show where upon finding a Keeper Coin or nice Relic the finder would climb a tree or crawl thru the doghouse….this show is keeping the Reality in a Reality Show

    • Thanks Joe. Nice to know someone agrees with me….a few of the comments I saw on the forums were not only negative, they were down right nasty.

  9. Hi Dick.
    Busy as heck lately, not even time to get a good swing in. Thanks for the support from you and all the hunters here and on the social media sites. We will always try to improve in whatever we have control of. Mainly keeping it real, having fun and hopefully finding good stuff for you guys and gals to see. As long as Mark and I don’t have another hunt like Georgia Landing we will be fine! LOL A couple good episodes coming up in the next 2 weeks! Stay tuned.

  10. Not to worry Ron….looking forward to them. As for any negative comments…..jealousy!

  11. Debbie Bannister

    Interesting Stout scale. Perhaps, I will use it when detecting.

  12. Joe(TX)

    I think that this show is the best Relic Hunting…metal detector show yet….they have blended a competition hunt with finding the real stuff…nothing is planted….they get permission to get on private property that most of us would get green with envy….we as a group should support this show….if not the show will become history and then we will only have “Duck Dynasty” to watch…LOL….also some reviewers are too Nit Picky…so what if Ron and Larry play a few practical jokes….in the end all of this is for entertainment….

    • I agree Joe….so far the best we have, and while I have picked on various issues I am willing to wait for next season in hopes that it will be even better. Time (and ratings) will tell.

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