The FMDAC Convention & a Chance to Come Together…

fmdacReceived an email from Mark Schuessler, president of the FMDAC, and in it he mentioned that he has sent out inviations  to all the metal detector manufacturers, magazine publishers, as well as the Task Force, and WWATS groups. The purpose of the invitations? To have them participate in a sit down, face to face meeting, resulting in a coming together of forces for the betterment of the pastime.  This proposed meeting would take place during their 2013 convention.

I and many others have suggested such a meeting for years, and I thank Mark for attempting to make it happen. Here’s hoping the response is good, and that the varied interest groups understand the importance of it. I see no down side to this at all….



Joe and his buddy Boo...

Joe and his buddy Boo…

I suspect most of you reading my blog have no clue who Joe Cook was, but one year ago Thursday , Joe Cook, a good friend, a dedicated and caring treasure hunter, an ambassador for the pastime, passed away.  

Joe took over the presidency of the FMDAC when I moved on to work at Garrett, and he took the organization to new heights, creating regional chapters, something I was unable to do during my term.  He was also responsible for moving the yearly convention around the country instead of holding in Atlantic City.  I could go on and on, but I won’t here.  If you would like to know more about Joe go to my website, today’s date, and click on the link I provided.

Joe I will never forget all the good times and I will never forget you. RIP….



Mary Hand

Mary Hand

On Friday of this week Mary Hand, secretary to Alan Holcombe, corporate manager at White’s, will  retire. I have known Mary for some time now, and she is without a doubt something akin to a saint. Besides all of her routine duties, she has been the creative genius behind all of my books, correcting my errors, doing the layout and design, all the while putting up with my frequent emails, phone calls and tantrums. I will miss her greatly and wish her well in her retirement.  She will be hard to replace and I know Alan agrees.

Mary, congratulations, have fun and please stay in touch, if for no other reason than to keep me on the straight narrow! Lastly, have one (or two) for me!



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12 responses to “The FMDAC Convention & a Chance to Come Together…

  1. Holy Crap.. After 20 plus years of stupid hatred for each other it is great to see the NEW FMDAC shaking off their destructive history and seeking to come together with similar organizations.. I will be pleasantly surprised if WWATS accepts due to the years of animosity between these two organizations. I really hope Mark is successful in this endeavor to heal the hobby.
    Harry Niemeyer
    Past President Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

  2. Mike Smith

    You never know, with the change of leadership at WWATS and the FMDAC, WWATS President Wayne Peterson may show up. I have known Wayne for years through my now defunct store, Pro Mack South, and when I was the FMDAC SW Chapter President for five years. He does not hold grudges that the old leadership formed in both organizations. I just wish there had been a bigger change in leadership in the FMDAC as some of the same people that have problems with the other groups are still in National positions. I guess the same can be said of WWATS. All we can do is hope they leave their personal opinions at home and work for the hobby!
    Hope the Task Force officers can attend also!

    • Hope so too Mike…the “we can do it better” thing is not going to be a solution going forward. JMO.

    • Mike, show me on time I said anything bad about the FMDAC! I have always felt we need any and all resources possible for our hobby. You and many others do not have your information correct, for if you did–then you would know just how wrong you and the others that have been listen to that bull in fact are, very wrong. However, if that is what you want to believe, then so be it.
      At WWATS we have a goal to accomplish for all hobbyist, right or wrong their snarrly attitudes may be. Some quickly forget how many years I dedicated myself to the FMDAC and I wasn’t the only one. However, it is very easy to say nasty things behind ones back, isn’t it! Some of us wish to spend our time towards the good of the hobbys. Keith Wills

  3. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    I have several comments…

    First on the FMDC and others. Hopefully the leaders of these groups will see the value of working together, and with the help from the manufacturers, our hobby will grow. In other words the leaders need to lead the way in each group but also together.

    Next I met Joe Cook back in the early 90’s, and he was a great guy… worked hard for our hobby. Thank you Dick for reminding us of him

    And finally, Hi Harry, do not know if you remember me but we worked together back when Betty was in charge of the FMDAC. Good to hear from you.

    • Thanks Larry. Hoping as well that these groups see the light. Time will tell.

      And no need to thank me for the Joe Cook reminder….I will not forget him, and only wish the TH’ers today were aware of his contributions.

    • Hi Packrat;
      How could I forget you???? Some of my best years with the FMDAC were working with Betty, Jim B. and you on several projects, including the building of a national membership listing of all the member clubs and their members. It is good to hear from you again.. Harry N.

  4. Thinking of going. Not that far for me.

  5. pocketspill

    Nobody has yet explained to me why there needs to be more than one organization.

    • Scott, there doesn’t at this point in time. The problem, in my opinion, has always been a matter of “No, we can do it better”.
      Frankly if they do not unite, and continue with this kind of attitude, nothing ever will change.

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