John Howland talks AT Pro and the Harry & Wally Shows…

If you are an AT Pro user and want to know more about it’s performance on the beach, be sure to read John’s latest Malamute Saloon post.  He lives minutes from the Bournemouth coast and is a regular there (usually to eyeball the young nubile gals, have a chug at the Goat & Tricycle and sometimes to detect).

Howl5As you would expect, he bombards me with stories about his forays to the beach, always referencing these bikini clad young ladies but alas I cannot repeat them here. Then again it’s all fiction and wishful thinking….trust me (I also chat with his wife Margaret)!

In any case if you are interested in his latest tips on the AT Pro, and his ongoing love affair with Wally & Harry, click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



Had an email from Larry Bateham (a.k.a. Packrat), who if you remember was battling cancer.  Well, not only is he in the clear now, he is out detecting and kicking butt at all the various hunts in the Northwest. Larry said:

“Had another hunt Fathers day weekend and did pretty well (over $600 total). About $100 in new coins a roll of silver dimes, 17 silver quarters, 4 silver halves,  2 silver dollars, a silver round, misc prizes and a new detector. Also had my one year checkup Monday and everything is looking good”

Great news Larry, and that was a great weekend.  Have a feeling they might start banning you from organized hunts.  Just sayin

For those of you who are not familiar with Packrat click  HERE.   If you would like to contact  him email



Currently in the process of verifying the club website links I share here, and I am amazed at how many have disappeared and at how many clubs still do not have one. I say this because there are quite a few programs out there that you can use that cost absolutely nothing.  One is WordPress, the one I use for my blog, and it is not all that difficult to learn.  You might want t check it out.  Having a website saves you money as in not having to mail out newsletters, and is a great way to garner new members.



Got my old 6000di Series 2 ready to go, but I need some help from Mother Nature.  Doesn’t look like it will come anytime soon. Yeah, I am a wimp. I will not go out and look for a Roosie or Merc in this weather!



In the past I have posted links to my updates here on a few detecting forums out there.  Today I have decided to discontinue doing it….just way too many hassles and annoyances.  If you want to be notified of my updates please add your email address to the “Follow blog via email” area…left column .



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2 responses to “John Howland talks AT Pro and the Harry & Wally Shows…

  1. Excellent as though that Bournemouth hostelry is, and ‘Waddy’s’ ale being one of the finest, and indeed, a hoppy favourite of mine, I have to take issue with you that I’m having a love affair with Messrs Wally and Harry. I regard them akin to the hazard that has faced rose growers throughout the ages….one must be careful of the pricks.

    Oh yeh, found a Canadian ten cent coin on the beach….guess its one of Bill’s from Lachine?

    • Ah, what you really mean is that the Goat and Tricycle has turned you away…banned you. Hahaha…knew it would happen. Just another one on the long list.

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