Now It’s Our Junk They Want!

I almost skipped over the most recent update from Warsaw, but then  noticed the highlighted paragraphs at the end.  This man, without a doubt, is paranoid, obsessed and in need of treatment.  He’s what I call, excuse my language, “bat shit crazy”….

In recent years we have been called looters, thieves, pot robbers and vandals, and I suspect there will be new labels coming soon. You see everything we hoik  (Wally’s word) out of the ground apparently is worthy of display in the Smithsonian and now they want our junk.  You know, those unidentifiable, jagged and sometimes dangerous, crushed and mutilated pieces of crap.

Amazingly (as in rabbit out of a hat) Wally somehow found a way to seque from an interesting article titled “Virginia to Preserve Pocahontas Home” to an attack on us for selling our junk. Apparently the following paragraph in the Pocahontas article was the connection….?

“more than a dozen copper scraps at the longhouse site, ones that chemically match European trade items used by Jamestown’s colonists and also found at that site […]  Only chiefs controlled copper at the time. Its red color was ritually significant in their mythology,”

Hmm, makes perfect sense to me? I can see why that brought on a need to troll metal detecting forums looking for something to tie us to Pocahontas?  The connection he came up with? Are you ready for this? Here it comes….SCRAP METAL!!  Damn, holy cow, knock me over….what a travesty!  What next?  This unsavory practice needs to be looked into!

If you think I am making too much of this I am sorry.  Paul Barford not only hates detectorists, he hates the United States with a passion, and for him to insert himself into our pastime, our affairs and our lives is obnoxious.

Wally, mind your own damn business and while you are at it, consider getting a job.




Joe Jorgensen, president of the East Coast Research & Discovery Association was the 100th TH’er to sign up  for my blog updates, and as a result is receiving a copy each of my books. Thanks and congratulations Joe…appreciate it.



Thanks as usual to Eddy Current for the following….

Urban Treasure Hunters Scan Logan’s Sidewalk Paths

Cannons Recovered from Blackbeard Shipwreck

The Eberswalde Hoard

Treasure Hunting on Grove Street



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12 responses to “Now It’s Our Junk They Want!

  1. Er….I’m tempted to say that Poland got ours!

  2. Hello Dick,
    Good work keeping up the defenses against the self-proclaimed archeologists. Don’t let Wally get to you….He’s in Warsaw because he’s been laughed out of every other country! May he fall into an excavation pit (preferably a privy) and never climb out. No….on second thought he’d be right at home in there with all the crap.


  3. bill from lachine

    Good read…..maybe you should change his name to “The Mad Hatter or Hater” either one would fit him me thinks.

    Regards + HH


  4. Mike Smith

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they saying goes. They (archaeologists) think of it as important but the majority of people would consider it trash as most of us in the detecting community do.
    I, myself, (in this case) follow what my government tells me to do with TRASH, recycle for the next generation.
    Just trying to clean up the planet!

  5. Robbie

    Wally realizes that the millions of pulltabs and soda/beer cans are very important in knowing the past history of the USA. After all, the pulltab, invented in the early 1960’s is one of the most innovative and historic inventions of the 20th Century !!!

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