Dig Wars…3rd Episode

Well, I watched the latest episode of Dig Wars last night, and thought it was “okay”.  Not all that exciting, but at the same not all that bad either. They were hunting an area near the Antietam battlefield (on private property) and on a very cold and somewhat snowy day.  Apparently that’s what happens when you need to put together a show quickly without the luxury of waiting for decent  weather. That just my guess however….

I still wish the show were an hour long. Thirty minutes just doesn’t allow the viewer to really undersetand the nuances of what it is we do, and when you add in the commercials, the “tired” pawn shop evaluations, the “ha ha gotcha” funnies, it’s over.  I do like the map use and the brief history given about the site they are searching, but more emphasis needs to be on the “private property” theme.  It was obvious to all us tekkies (thank you Wally) but the non-participant probably didn’t pick up on it.

The Dig Wars cast...courtesy of Ron Guinazzo

The Dig Wars cast…courtesy of Ron Guinazzo

Dig Wars is not a bad show, and at least goes through the motions of doing what is right. I also understand the need for the drama (damn look at this…cue  commercial break), and the funny (or corny if you prefer) moments. I am on board with the show, and will continue to watch.  Hopefully somewhere down the road it will find a way to please those of us who just like to bitch about everything (my personna according to my wife).

For those of you who may have missed the first show….




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Well apparently John and I have rattled Warsaw Wally’s cage and he is pissed….nothing new of course. I have not known him to ever be in a good mood about anything. Love the following comment in his response…..

“Ah, so that’s it. The beer. According to the tekkies’ limited world-view, it is not the fact that hoiking archaeological evidence out of the ground is damaging a precious non-renewable resource, they are having none of that. They think we are just spoil-sports like the ones that no doubt victimised them at school and obviously they feel this is continuing into their adult lives, the perpetual victims that they see themselves as. This is followed by a revenge-fantasy about the demise of proper archaeology”…

This is of course in response to my post of June 17th, “Just What is their Objective”, where I said….

“You see, the archaeological community resents the fact that we don’t need grant money to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, the joy of the search,  the treasure we might come home with, the beer or two we might have afterward, and the fun we always have no matter how our day turns out. Yep, we’re a threat to our historical heritage…”

Note that he targeted the word the “beer”. A subtle reference that indeed we are all drunks, sods, wino’s, hard drinkers and not fit to be part of the human race, or at least his very small world. We even hoik (to lift something up wildly) archaeological evidence out of the ground and drool. How vile we are?  The alternative of course is that we could just let it stay buried in the ground until hell freezes over….

Wally, do yourself a favor. Go out and buy some beer. Relax, chill out, listen to some soothing music and tie one on. There are millions of people out there  who have fun once in a while and some even use metal detectors.



Archaeologists Unearth Major Find

Unique Gold Figurine Found in Denmark

Minnesota Couple Finds Meteorite

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9 responses to “Dig Wars…3rd Episode

  1. Dick,
    Now you sound like you actually do the like the show compared to your comments last week. I agree with you I feel that it should be an hour long and go into a little more detail but overall I do like like it better than a lot of the others and will definitely keep on watching it. Plus, I like the cast and actually know Mike, Larry, and Ron are very experienced Detectorists and not just putting on a show.

  2. Archaeologists unearth a major find, eh? Not before bloody time, some cynics might say…and I bet it wasn’t in Poland, or, made by an emigre Brit cum-cab-driver-cum-itinerant translator-cum gentleman’s latrine attendant.

  3. upnorth

    I like Ron, and I’m sure that the rest of the cast are fine people, but…………… I watched about a minute of the first episode opening and heard about half a dozen references to money…., money,money,money. I see the same thing in the Diggers series. I didn’t get into this hobby for financial gain. There is a kaliedescope of tangental interests (the history, rarity, asthetic beauty etc.) associated with various finds. And the thought that some go out and dig for no other reason that to make a fast buck is repugnant to me. The fast buck carpet baggers cheapen the hobby and we all get painted with the same media brush. I am not infering that Ron and his crew are not ethical. What I AM saying is that the ignorant masses will watch these shows and start ripping up everything in sight……. The U.S. economy is hurting and shows like this feed the publics quick money fantasies. This is akin to the illegal punch boards or games of chance in the 30’s. There is a level of social manipulation (greed, personal gain) in the way that these metal detecting series are constructed. The fall out from these shows will be less access for us and less trust toward hobbyists.

    • Upnorth can’t disagree with a lot of what you say, but I think the financial gain is only there because those producing these shows know no other way. When you think about it most all these reality shows are descendants of “The Antique Road Show”. i.e., your retirement is sitting in your attic, or at the next flea market…..

      There’s no question that we all want treasure hunting shows that depict what it is we really do, but I doubt that will happen anytime in the near future. Just would not sell. In the meantime the shows are slowly but surely improving, and I am all for promoting the pastime any way we can.

      Yes, I know the more people who get involved, the greater the competition, but the more we have the better our chances that this pastime will survive over the long haul. JMO….

  4. Hot hunting and cold beer makes my Summer happy

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