Espionage & Treasure Hunting, circa 1980

I received an update from John Howland today, and hope you will take the time to read it in its entirety.  I met John back in the early 80’s when he was an officer of the National Council for Metal Detecting, and instrumental in it’s formation and national acceptance.  I remember vague references to the story he shares here, and his recanting helps bring it back into focus.  It’s an intriguing story to say the least, and I think you will find it fascinating  (take special note of the last two paragraphs).

To read John’s latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!



LisaI received the following email from Lisa MacIntyre last night, regarding the Relic Roundup show of July 15th.  How presumptuous and uppity!  Oh well, I guess it’s to be expected. After all she’s an arkie. They don’t know any better.


My reply was short and sweet. ROFLMAO!!!!


“Hi Dick,

First, I want to thank you for agreeing to our match-up. The Arkie vs Tekie show ought to be quite interesting to say the least. You with a metal detector in your hand, and me with a trowel in mine, what could possibly go wrong? And we are all aware of your fondness of “us arkies”, so the love should be palpable.

Second, I admire your tenacity, and dare I say, braveness? Going up against an arkie?  On a live radio show no less. But I have confidence that I can ruffle your feathers and score one for the team. In all honesty, and all jesting aside, this is a fantastic opportunity and I deeply appreciate you putting aside (temporarily?)  your disdain for my discipline and agreeing to co-star along side me.  I greatly admire and respect you, your ethics, and your ideas.

My plan is now in motion! 🙂



Lisa, my friend, surely you jest?  MY plan has “been” in motion for years…..




Forgive me for finding the following hilarious. I admit I am old school, and don’t get the camouflage thing (need to be more macho I guess), but damn, what’s next….face paint? I watched the “Duck Dynasty” show once, and felt embarrassed after doing so.  know, I know, I know…. you all love it. Well continue on and enjoy it. I will pass, thank you….

Commander Metal Detector

As for the Commander metal detector? They forgot the camo on the rod! (Leave it to the folks at Kellyco….)




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4 responses to “Espionage & Treasure Hunting, circa 1980

  1. Robbie

    Again JH is spot on. And I hope to be able to listen to the arkie’s vs. tekkies program. As for Duck Dynasty .. Hey !! I like it…it’s funny..Hey !!Si makes it interesting….;oP

    • Hope you will listen Robbie…should be fun.

      Why did I know you would like Duck Dynasty? And for the record Mr. Barford has taken exception to John’s post and my recent one, but Hey….

  2. Robbie

    Duck Dynasty is a normal southern the kooky uncle, mom and dad, one brother who is in charge–but not really and a few friends hanging around. At the end of the show it has them around the dinner table as a family.

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