Detecting Shows, circa 1975…What If?

I was amazed at the number of hits I received when I posted my impressions of “Dig Wars”….best day for the blog ever.  Don’t know why, but I  am guessing it has to do with the interest and/or popularity of the show, and many of those checking in wanted to see how my views compared to theirs.  In any case  I would say it’s a show that has a chance to continue on. Only time (and ratings) will tell.

I got thinking about Dig Wars, and how lucky we are to even be talking about treasure hunting shows on TV, good, bad or indifferent. Years ago it would have  been unimaginable. I do believe however that if we did have such shows, say in the 70’s or 80’s, they would have been spellbinding, extremely entertaining and
legitimately funny.


Richard Ray & Abe Lincoln

Imagine if you will a TV series with the likes of Karl von Mueller, Richard Ray, Abe Lincoln, Glenn Carson, Hardrock Hendricks or Charles Garrett….all in search of  the Lost Dutchman mine or some other legendary treasure. What a show that would be!.  Just the thought of listening to Richard & KvM talking treasure has me smiling.

Hardrock Hendricks

Hardrock Hendricks

Detectorists today are more advantaged thanks in part to the technology available to them, but no one knew more about the actual “search” then the pioneers, like those mentioned above.  They had a way of looking at things in the simplest of terms, using logic and common sense, and they literally lived treasure hunting to the fullest, a few becoming vagabonds in the process. They were and are characters, the likes of which we will probably never see again, and in my eyes, real treasure hunters.

I know for sure I have left out a few other TH’ers who fit into this legendary category and I apologize….



Newly Discovered  Map of the War of 1812 

More  Staffordshire Hoard News

Husband in Big Trouble

Finder’s Talk at Bexhill Museum over Roman Coin Hoard

Search for Fort Caroline Goes On

Leeds Detectorist Finds Charm



Just want to wish all you Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day, and hope this Sunday is a special one. I lost my Dad back in 2001, and think of him every day.


Early photo of Jessie P. Stout, my Dad!

Dad, not to worry. I will be sure to have that beer for you…. I Love you….



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7 responses to “Detecting Shows, circa 1975…What If?

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Dick, I wanted Dig Wars to be good and enjoyable because of Ron. Reading Ron’s posts and seeing his finds is impressive. I do not know the other detectorists and I hope the show will do some in depth on who they are. Maybe these are the future Treasure Hunters that will take the place of the ones that you talked about in your blog?

  2. Tony, maybe so…..the pastime and the participants just seem different today. Then again what the hell do I know?

  3. Doug Frantz

    In reference to the link titled “Husband in Big Trouble”, the woman who bought the “empty box” saw the story and returned the ring. Saw the end of the story on a news show Friday or Saturday evening. (NBC?)

  4. Thanks for the update Doug….

  5. Joe(TX)

    I think that they were a different breed………not sure on how they would handle being in the spot light…..especially KvM….I know that he was a great speaker like at Seminars but I have read all of his books and he emphasized being as secretive as possible….for example even posing as a Biologist/Animal Expert to get permission to camp out on land to capture animals when he was actually TH’ing…..I know that he would Not be showing his finds on the different forums….or at least not the gold and silver caches that he found….he emphasized on Not standing out and blending into the crowd….now saying that he could have had some great shows on how and where treasure has been found…..not being specific like changing the names of the hunters to protect their privacy….he could narrate a lot of treasure stories….

  6. Joe, you are right. The participants back then were a different breed, and I am glad I was most active at that time. The internet, despite it’s usefulness has taken the pastime in a totally different direction, and it’s more “every man for himself” now.

    While KVM and I chatted on the phone a few times, I only met him once. That was at the Lost Treasure Classic in Tulsa. We had some fun one evening, but I came away wondering if all the things he said were really true. He rambled from one topic to another, and all the while had a little grin on his face….?

    You are probably right about him not sharing much, but it’s still fun to imagine a show like that.

    Thanks Joe for sharing your thoughts….

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