A Must for Every “Tekkie”….

Thanks to Brian Mayer for recommending Bag Balm…. I think?

In a recent post on his popular Jersey Shore Beach & Surf Hunter’s Facebook page, Brian said….

“And now that a lot of us will be hunting the shallow surf…. I think it’s a good idea to share a product that has saved me and some others here (they know who they are).  A painful yet common condition that occurs when friction and wet shorts come in contact with the skin especially in those tender spots…. Yes I’ll just say it….it’s CHAFING !!

I have been using this product for years and it works and it works great !! Its called Bag Balm…. and when applied to those vulnerable areas BEFORE you go out on the beach it will prevent a very painful and awkward walk back to the car…. Bag Balm is available at most chain pharmacies I buy mine at CVS !!”


So not being familiar with this product I Googled it, and after reading the company’s history I was pretty sure I’d rather have chapped thighs or a red hot pair. Here’s how it went….

It all started in 1899. John L. Norris bought the formula for Bag Balm®—a salve created to soften cow udders—that worked extremely well”

Thanks so much for sharing Brian. ..? Think I will pass.  Hell I am already bowl-legged!

(for the record you can also buy it in feed stores and pet shops).



Be sure to read John Howland’s latest contribution to the Malamute Saloon.  It concerns the opening of The Mary Rose Museum, May 30th, as well as the controversy (and mystery) surrounding it.  As are most of John’s articles it’s very well written and worthy of your time….

Of course John also takes a pot shot at his UK friend “Heritage Harry” (so what else is new). To read his latest just click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date…



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In case you’re wondering how my detecting is going, take a look at THIS.  It will tell you my status instantly!!





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11 responses to “A Must for Every “Tekkie”….

  1. Bag Balm is a great product, and you don’t have to use it only on those chafed areas.

  2. Dee Sperling

    It’s the only thing that works for cracked hands after pouring concrete and fixes the chafed heels after going barefoot all summer. Rick’s Dad used it for decades too. It it time tested.

  3. bill from lachine

    Ok the stuff works great and our Canadian singing star Shania Twain uses it as a facial cream…..and she’s not a bad looker and trust me Dick you could use all the help you can get in that department….lol….

    p.s. just kidding buddy.

    Regards + HH


  4. bill from lachine


    Regards + HH


  5. Have a can of it sitting on my desk! I can remember actually using it for what it was designed for when I was a kid on my grandfathers farm. It’s a little greasy but man does it do the job on healing your hands especially after you’ve detected in the Winter without gloves!

  6. Often I have wondered; “If only I had softer udders…” he he he…

    Sir, we are sharing those beastly temps up here in Oz land and we have the lovely 100% humidity to go along with them…yet, Steve and I are still out there disturbing the soil…albeit with Steve moaning and groaning.

  7. Dave, you and Steve are much younger…..I am a wimp for sure when it comes to hot weather.

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