My New “Beat Me Up” Handle….

Okay, after all the fun and games I have decided to take Eddy Current & Butch Holcome’s advice and use my real name on any and all forums. I am in the process of doing that now (although it appears that some administrators have made that difficult).

So now whenever I post something that annoys (and I somehow always do), all you habitual forum fanatics can beat me up and get your pound of flesh.   I have a feeling that won’t take long.  Also, if  you visit a forum and there’s no Dick Stout (or Barnum) you can feel pretty certain I have either been banned or left for the good of my sanity.



No, Chicago Ron didn’t ask me to post this reminder. Just have a feeling that this show will be different from the current  detecting comedies out there. At least I am hoping so. First show is Wednesday night on the Travel  Channel, at 10pm, Eastern time. Keeping my fingers crossed Ron.  You know I will be brutally honest with my personal review.



Thanks to Eddy Current for most of the following…

Novice Unearths Roman Treasure

Archaeologist Unearth Remains of 18th Century  Maine Fort

Archaeologists Probe Mystery Structure

Shipwreck Gold

Auction of Rare US Coins Found In French Farmhouse

Derby Archaeologists Dig for Roman Fort



Found the following video on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing here. It came to my attention when Brian Mayer, a member of the South  Jersey Metal Detecting Club posted it, but I later found that it was first shared on YouTube by Gerry McMullen, owner of  Gerry’s Detectors. Gerry said the detectorist in the video is Ryan Jamison, “his video guy” and that he was the finder, and responsible for the ring return.  Thanks Ryan, nice job….



Okay, now that I got your attention….check out the latest post on the  John Winter blog. Interesting, unique, funny and who would have “thunk” it?

Leave it to the Brits!



Lastly I am thinking about changing the background color on my woeful website to white.  I have done that on the “Latest News” page, and would love to get your feedback. 

If I don’t hear any complaints I may go ahead and change it. Then again I may not…..just something I am thinking about (always dangerous). 



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7 responses to “My New “Beat Me Up” Handle….

  1. My pleasure as always, regarding the links. As for background colour, I prefer the (new) white one. –Eddy C.

  2. I’m not sure why you have two sites saying exactly the same … I reckon you told me once, but I’ve forgotten.

    That yellow is so old-fashioned and looks jaded. If my opinion is worth anything, I prefer the white background and prefer the change. In fact, I would retain it if only to keep the esteemed Mr Current on board.

    • John I still keep the website going because there’s three years of information, photos and articles on it, which I do not want to lose, and which would take me forever to transfer to the blog.

      Also, it was my first effort (however crude) at doing a website, and it has meaning to me….despite it’s warts.

  3. Hello Dick,
    I really enjoy your site; why the need for a name change? It’s all about branding and building brand recognition. Stout Standards is a great name to brand. I also really like the nice clean look of your blog; professional. Incidentally I’m missing my hat….looks just like yours! LOL My hat, leather backpack and treasure chest are all a part of my branding just as your hat, beard etc build recognition of who you are. I don’t think that you need “Barnum” Stout Standards says it all. Keep up the great blog.

    H.Charles Beil
    Treasure Writer

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Dick, after all of this time – writing books, articles, calling Senators about this great hobby – why in the world would you, of all folks, want to hide? After all they should be happy that you called them in the first place.
    Big T.

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