Still Looking for a Moniker….


Still trying to come up with a unique name in order to be cool on the forums out there.  I am at a disadvantage now with the basic “Barnum” in that it’s  much too simple, not catchy nor descriptive enough.  I am still leaning toward “Needabeer”, but have a few more to think about.  Here’s a few more I came up with….

2old4dis, Mannytabs, MustBnuts, Ymidoindis, Oldigger, Imgreedy, DidIpay4gas, 2old4tabs, Overdahill, DownNout & MedicareDick.

Had a few others come to mind, but couldn’t share them here (any other first name but Dick would have worked). Oh well….stay tuned.



As I am typing this it’s raining outside, the end result of a thunder storm or two that passed through early this morning, and something that’s always welcome here, no matter the time of year. I had thought we had a decent amount of rain this spring, but apparently not since we are now on stage 3 water restrictions, meaning you can only water your landscape once a week and on a designated day. I looked at a bare area of ground to the side of the house, and saw the telltale signs of what is to come…..wide cracks and deep crevices.

Won’t ramble on about living in Texas. Suffice to say it’s a day to day adventure, and hardly ever a fun one …..



From time to time I check in on the Cultural Property Observer,  Peter Tompa’s excellent blog…mainly to see the back and forth between he and Warsaw Wally. (yep, he is not only a pain in the ass to we detectorists, but to collectors and numismatists as well). Today Tompa questioned Wally’s collection of Japanese wood block prints, and whether or not they were obtained legally. The following comments really made my day….

From Arthur…..

“Peter, give the guy a break. He’s known broadly for what he is, a small person of little distinction who compensates with a blog that screams “Look at me! O please look at me! See how important I am!” Its all very humorous. He will never respond with a listing of the illicit cultural property he’s bought, and you can expect him to try to nip at your heels. There are more important things afoot than to pay attention to undistinguished people in such great need of attention”.

From Alexander, regarding archaeologists who collect……

“Peter, you should know that one of archaeology’s dark secrets is the number of those in the discipline who collect ancient artifacts.  Renfrew is no exception — thare are many who take joy in collecting and who, if revealed, would have their reputation damaged or, worse, lose their jobs.  But they do it anyway”.

Hmm, seems Warsaw Wally has been found out!!



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18 responses to “Still Looking for a Moniker….

  1. Call us old fashioned, but we don’t like any monikers on forums. When used properly, no problem, but some use them as a “secret identity” to engage in behavior they wouldn’t do under their real names. In fact, on one forum (we won’t mention which) the owner has two identities: one his real name, the other a moniker for when he wants to engage in “foolishness.” Our humble opinion is that if you don’t want your real name connected to it, don’t post it. It also lends a bit of “mystique” that someone is hiding something. As long as we approach our hobby legally and respectfully, and stay away from the trash talk, why do we even need a handle?

  2. Noreasters


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Yeh, he’s right y’know, disc440! (American Digger…who he?)
    If you really must use a moniker then perhaps any forum dealing with the aged, infirm, or plain ‘ornery, might be OK. I suggest you use….’ZimmerMan’. Mine will be either ‘LurveMachine’ or ‘SuperDeepSeeker’…hav’nt made my mind up yet!

    John Howland (aka John H)

  4. Even though you get immature and negative comments from people by using your real name ….. You’re still Dick Stout, liked by some and of course disliked by probably more but most of all your a legend in the metal detecting world (when Detectorists think of Coin Hunting you are at the top of their list). So, in other words just stick to Dick Stout.

  5. Ed, thanks for reminding me how much more I am disliked….brightens up my day! LOL.

    • Thanks Scott, I think?

      I checked this website out, using my first and last name, and the results were pretty bizarre. Names came back like “Prehistoric Stout”, “Stout Stinker”, and the funniest….”Hearty Stout & the Agnostic Anus”. Using my first name I came up with “Liberal Dick”, “Drunk Dick” & “Dick Thingy”.

      Hmmm…may need to think some on these.

  6. bill from lachine


    I’ll let you sort out what moniker you end up using…..I’ll stick with bill from lachine… first name and where I live…boring as hell I know but it works for me and it keeps me from getting confused…lol…

    As for Warsaw Wally maybe fool on the hill or some such would fit the bill.

    Regards + HH


    • Beginning to think that maybe Butch’s (American Digger) suggestion is best. Simply use my real name! That way all those who dislike me (As Ed said) can get even with me……

  7. I realy don’t understand what this is about.. Be cool? Why be cool?

  8. Tommie, it’s all pretty much in fun. Check out my post of May 29th (Forums, Forums & More Forums).

    After my ideas for potential forum names it just sort of took off from there. Trust me, I have no desire to be, and too old to be, “cool”……

    I plan to go back to the few forums I am registered on and change my name to Dick Stout, and let the chips fall where they may.

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