Comments with Strings Attached…

Two days ago I posted a short blurb (“Woe is Me“) about Nigel Swift’s Heritage Action/Journal, and his obsession with a particular detector model.  After I uploaded it the following comment was added to his story (by Swiftie himself of course)….

“We believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world’s archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks.”

So, if you had any doubt as to the purpose of his blog, or that of his co-conspirator in Warsaw, this should clear things up.  They hate detectorists with a passion, and while they use the term “regulate”, they want nothing more than to put us out of business, period!

People like Swiftie and Warsaw Wally hate the fact that we are able to make meaningful discoveries (as in the Staffordshire Hoard), without their help (or meddling if you prefer), and continue to do so. Likewise the PAS gets under their  crawl…imagine, a program designed to help the metal detector user declare, record and share his finds, and in the process receive a just and equitable reward.

Woe is me!!



Just finished reading the Searcher article about Allyson Cohen, on her Detecting Diva blog.  A great article and I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read it.  It’s an insight into what the gals have to deal with when they get involved in the treasure hunting pastime. Congratulations Allyson…!


FRANK LAUTENBERG (January 23, 1924 – June 3, 2013)

Frank Lautenberg, state Senator from New Jersey, passed away early yesterday, at the age of 89….

Back in the mid-80’s when I was involved with the FMDAC I sent letters out to a few congressional members, expressing my concern about a proposed bill that was being considered in a Senate committee (I cannot remember the name of the bill, nor what it covered, but it was detrimental to the pastime). In any case about a week later I received a phone call from Senator Frank Lautenberg (a member of the committee). He had my letter in front of him, and wanted to ask me a few questions.  Needless to say I was floored!

We chatted for about fifteen minutes, and he thanked me for my letter, my input and my concerns. He also promised to keep me updated on the progess of this particular bill. About three weeks later I received a letter from his office, telling me that the bill in question was probably not going to leave committee.  The letter started with “Dear Dick”, and was signed “Frank”. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Senator Lautenberg’s secretary.  She wanted me to know that the bill in question was indeed not acted on, and Senator Lautenberg wanted to thank me for my input.

As to the other congressmen I wrote letters to? No response, nothing, nada….

Frank, RIP my friend. You were one of a kind and the real deal!!



Afghanistan Treasure Faces Destruction

Boy Finds $10,000 in Hotel Room

Sapphire Ring Fit for Royalty



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14 responses to “Comments with Strings Attached…

  1. They are just jealous of our mad detecting skills.

  2. John Yagalla

    All That I can say is thank GOD I live in the United States where I can detect where ever I want!! with the right permission… lol

    • Hi John…

      Understand that the folks in the UK are not being trampled by the arkies, and in fact their PAS is something we can only dream about. Most all of their detecting takes place in fields with the landowner’s permission as well.

      What we all must be aware of is the ongoing effort by many in the archaeological community (like Swiftie and Wally) to regulate or ban our pastime. Thankfully they are in the minority and usually ignored by their peers.

  3. Interesting. They should visit Ellis’ website or they should speak to all the people he has helped with their lost items.

  4. You’re not far wrong there, Ricardo!

    Warsaw Wally and his UK pal Heritage Harry know full well as do I, that they cannot, will not ever, be able to ban metal detecting. However, they get thier rocks off by the next best option; writing absurd and usually insulting pieces on thier blogs simply to stir things up and to wind-up hobbyists into replying.

    Here in the UK we enjoy considerable Government support and funding for the PAS, a system I am told other countries are looking at closely to implement. The PAS, which as everyone knows – apart from the terminally dim – was/is the only way to progress.

    Unlike Warsaw Wally’s now discredited Artefact Erosion Counter, the PAS is fact-based and a valuable learning tool for students.

    • I hear you John, but apparently Swiftie has decided not to allow hobbyists to respond, UNLESS they agree to some sort of regulation.

      Think it might have to do with the comments he’s recently received? Hmmm…..

      • As you probably have guessed, I really don’t care what he or his hangers-on do or think, and I certainly wouldn’t bother wasting time writing a reply to his absurd blogs; laugh at him and extract the urine …yes!

  5. bill from lachine


    I thought it appropriate to post up a tune to cheer up the woe is me boys…….

    This one should do the trick….

    Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue.

    Regards + HH


  6. Hello Dick,
    I am at a loss to explain how a couple of these guys think that they can speak for the “world’s archaeologists”. I have worked with, and been taught by archeologists when in college and they were of a contrary opinion to that of Wally and Swift. They invited detectorists to assist them on sites; especially in the location of objects over a wider area. It certainly made their job easier.

    I have a tool that I like to place on posts by guys like this; it’s called the Bovine Excrement Meter and it’s generally pegged to “Pure”!

    I also loved your article about forums on your other site. As you know I run a new forum and your impression is spot on…but they have their place, and the community that develops is worthy of anthropological study! Feel free to use our info on your site and check out our Facebook page as well. Eddy Current and I have shared articles in the past. Take a look at our new treasure illustrated videos too. They are very easy to make; give me a shout if you’d like us to put one together for you.


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