A Double Standard?

Please  read the latest post from John Howland in the Malamute Saloon (Arkie Caught with Hand in Till). If it doesn’t raise your hackles, nothing will…

 It concerns the arrest and trial of an archaeologist caught stealing items from a dig and then selling them on Ebay.  If it were you or I we would be serving jail time. This individual walked away with a slap on the hand.

To read the article from the Daily Mail, and John’s take on it, click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



I am sure you hear me mention the name Eddy Current all the time here, and now I want to tell you just who he really is….  Eddy Current (not his real name of course) has a Facebook page on treasure hunting that is chock full of great information.  Most all of the interesting news links I share on this blog come from there…

I asked Eddy if he wouldn’t mind sharing his real name, as well as telling a little bit about himself  and he readily agreed. His response is as follows….

“My name is Edgar, but everyone calls me Eddy, and “Current” is the English equivalent of my surname, “Strom”. I am 46 and live in England.

I have been wanting to metal detect ever since I can remember, but didn’t get around to buying a machine until about five years ago, and I’ve been addicted to the hobby ever since!

It was when I joined the detecting forums (asking for a “username”) that I came up with my pen name.  I wanted something unique and pertinent, yet personal… so out of Edgar Strom I created “Eddy Current”.

As I regularly searched the internet for all things detecting, I thought why not contribute to the hobby by sharing my ‘web finds’ with the metal detecting community. I initially tried sharing the articles on the forums, but wasn’t happy with how some of them are moderated, so I began sharing them on my Facebook wall instead.   As doing so seemed to be well received by the detectorists on Facebook, I then created the Facebook “Metal Detecting News” page, which is where I mainly post now”.

(Interesting aside….Eddy (or Edgar) was not aware of the detecting term “eddy current” until I mentioned it to him…) I am in error here….see comments.

If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to Eddy’s updates by clicking on the following logo…..Thanks as always Eddy!




In case you are not familiar with one Nigel Swift, he lives in the UK (sorry all you Brits), and is Warsaw Wally’s bosom buddy. They are joined at the hip in so many ways.  Both love to piss and moan about we “tekkies” and how we are ruining the world.  Now “Swiftie” is bitching about a specific metal detector, and wants to stop it from being used in the UK.  Apparently it’s causing him to lose sleep and those using it to dig foxholes (he and Wally are very gullible).  If you care to read about his latest frazzle, click here.

You know IF I could find just one “positive” post from either of these two moron’s I wouldn’t get so annoyed, but try as I might, I can not.  Oh, and don’t be foolish to think you can respond to any of their rants because they will only post it if they can follow up with a barrage of insults, and if you think I am insulting them here, you are correct.  Detectorists and collectors from all over have learned that it’s the only thing they understand. 


Monday, June 3rd….just saw Swifties late comment under his post…pretty much sums up the main thrust of his blog.

[We believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world’s archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks.]


GREAT PHOTO FOR ALL YOU SOB’S (Searchers of Beaches)

A friend, Tim Reeve, shared the following photo on Facebook and I really liked it. I messaged him and asked whose it was, and might I share it here.  Tim replied that it was his friend Tony Diana’s, and that Tony said it was indeed okay to repost it here.


Tony was also kind enough to offer the following explanation of how the photo came about….

The Pic was at the Cocoa Beach Pier several years back.  It was during the peak of a storm and I was out in the brunt of it. In the picture you can see  the string on the handle with the Caribiner (heavy) on the end. It was blowing at an angle thus showing the force of the winds.  The wind was odd in that the waves would stay way out and then suddenly come rushing in.  It was possible to be in wet sand one minute and instantly waist deep.

I was timing the waves and every other signal was a coin or piece of jewelry. There was quite a bit of movement going on….. Typically during bad storms in Florida  you may see a News Van parked on the beach. They will often sit and wait for hours. They park and look for a story or event to happen that shows the fury of the storm.  This time it was a photographer from Florida Today Magazine and he asked if he could take pictures of me.

I was amazed that he was using his very expensive looking camera. It must have been waterproof as it was raining intensely. After a while he stopped clicking pictures,  and he asked me why I was doing this in the middle of a storm? I told him, “to beat the competition”. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. About a week later someone posted  the picture on a detecting forum and I instantly recognized it. I later placed the Dutch saying on it in Photoshop.

It was a very cool moment. I like hunting in the rain and inclement weather. I keep it safe but I push the limit sometimes and in this case it paid off”

Thanks Tony for the story and congratulatins on a great photo….



Got out this morning for a couple of hours, and the weather was great….temps in the 70’s and a light breeze.  Took my oldie but goodie 6000 di, Series 2, to  a school across the lake for a test run.  It’s one spot I can go on a Sunday morning, enjoy a little peace and quite, not have to look over my shoulder and sometimes find a piece of silver.  Today was no exception.  Found a Merc, a silver Roosie, and a few clad pieces.

6000testThe two silver coins were not deep at all, probably about 4 inches, which begs the question… how did I miss them before?  The answer (at least in my mind) is that no site is ever hunted out.

The 6000di, Series 2, was a favorite of mine and a real workhorse back in the 80’s, and it was fun using it again. Two concerns I do have however….the arm cup  is starting to wiggle some, and I will need to think of a way to tighten it without damaging the wire inside the rod it’s attached to. The 2nd problem?  My “hip-mount” has now become a “belly mount”, thanks to eating and sitting on my ass too much.  Tried to look at the meter on my hip, and couldn’t see it (no comments Howland).  After shortening the strap, and  moving it to the front, all was well.

Everything old is new again….



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5 responses to “A Double Standard?

  1. John H

    I wonder if ‘Heritage Harry’ is allegedly being secretly sponsored by a consortium of rival manufacturers? Evidently, like so much of the nonsense he spouts, he conveniently ignores certain facts; in this instance, one the prime laws of physics. If the machine in question is as good as ‘Harry’ ( a non-user by the way) suggests, sales should rocket.
    What I suspect that’s got right up his snozzle is that here’s a great series of prime time TV all about metal detecting! He’d far better spend his time, I suggest, tightening security at excavations, and/or to implement positive vetting of all archaeologists so as to winkle out potential James Vessey’s: For sure, he’s not the only arkie who’s had his fingers in the cookie jar nor I doubt, will be the last.

    • I actually wondered if he was being paid by the manufacturer of the product mentioned? Love these two yippies….have totally forgotten Abbott and Costello.

  2. The pleasure’s all mine, Dick, and it is I who must thank you for the mention!

    To ‘clear my name’ so to speak, however, I must add that I was well aware of ‘eddy currents’ long before I chose them as my pen name. What you had told me about were ‘Serge Coils’.

    ‘Eddy’ being my nickname, while ‘Current’ conveniently being english for my surname, is what makes it personal, but it’s precisely the fact that ‘eddy currents’ are also a fundamental part of detecting physics which made me choose this pen name, as I found it most fitting for our hobby…

    –Eddy C.

    • Sorry about that mention then… For those who wonder what we are talking about. I used the name “Serge Coils” when answering Eddy one time. Serge is a French name…..

  3. Robbie

    I bet more than a few in the archaeological field have artifact collections that were either bought or aquired “under the table”. They just don’t want anyone to know because they would be ousted from the elite club.

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