Ellis Metal Detecting…..

Ellis2I just wanted to make you all aware of a unique, and very well done, website…. ELLIS METAL DETECTING. It belongs to my friend Mark Ellis,  from Toronto, Canada, and I hope you will add it your favorites…

I could take time here to explain it to you, but once you click on it you will understand why I like it and why it’s different. Be sure to check out the online article about Mark at the bottom of the first page. Mark is also a member of the  Ring Finders metal detecting service, and the only one in Toronto.



Apparently from the responses I received about my participation in forums (or lack thereof), I am not alone. I was also amazed at how many comments  I received (both here and on a few FORUMS) about the “off beat” names I might use in the future. “Needabeer” seemed to be the most popular!

If you have a whacky or crazy forum name, let me know what it is and why you chose it. I am still looking at changing mine, and have added a few more  to the list. So far I have Needabeer, Damihurt, Screwthenickel, Ringmyass, Down4nuttin, Cantgetup, Imsosore, Disnofun, and Leavemelie. Also  possibilities….Pulltabpissed, Betterbegood, 2old4dis, Kissmycoil, Whereditgo and Imwornout. Stay tuned….



2000 Year Old  Computer Used by Greeks

King Richard III  Buried in Hasty Grave

 Metal Detectors Dig Up History

Viking Hoard Would Cost Lancashire £109k

Mystery Pipe Washes Up

Nugget Replica to be Auctioned



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9 responses to “Ellis Metal Detecting…..

  1. Lisa

    I simply LOVE your “button”! Of course that response ought to put me in the “headlines”. Yippii!!!!

  2. Dee Sperling

    I will pass the word about Ellis Detecting to my cousins who live in Toronto.

  3. Hey….what about this ELLIS Metal Detecting then? Real ‘pro’ style photography…awesome. Looks like a rock album cover…Great site, professionally put together…love it!
    Good luck mate!

  4. I checked out Ellis Metal Detecting–what a great site. Love the photography, will add to my faves. Also, the BS button gives new meaning to the term LOL.

  5. My vote is for Ringmyass.

  6. Yeah, I kinda like that too, but I have come with a few others that I will share too. Hard decision!

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