Forums, Forums and More Forums….

Pretty sure by now you know I am not a big fan of forums.  Hard to give you an exact reason why, but I think part of it has to  do with me just getting older.  Those that frequent these sites are much younger, certainly out in the field more, and even have the wherewithal to make a movie at the same time.

At this stage most of my better finds are a silver dime or quarter here and there, and usually not old enough to boast about, or for a “show and tell” session anywhere.  I do look at what others are finding, and I am often very impressed (and jealous).

I also get requests to join forums, and I suspect the reason is that the more participants, the more visitors, the better the chances of getting an advertiser or two.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’d like to think it was because they liked me or because I might have something worthwhile to offer. Oh well….

I have also been thrown off forums.  Banned, exiled, purged, sent to never-never land.  This usually happened after I questioned the accuracy of a post, or  a forum’s obvious bias (and it’s okay to be biased….just say so up front).  I later found out that a lot of respected detectorists were thrown off the very same forums as well, and it was actually an honor to be included in the group.

Don’t get me wrong. I like detecting forums, and try to visit a few each day. I just find it hard to insert myself into a cliquish club of  hunters with names like Fatkook, Park Pirate (man that scares me), Smokedaddy, Nickelhead, Scumbag and Snarkie. Then again maybe I need to come up with something equally clever and catchy. You know, something like Cantgetup, Gottagobad, Needabeer, Screwthenickel or Damnihurt?  I’ll let you know if I come up with something….

Finally,  if you are a dedicated forum fanatic, my name is usually Barnum (he’s my dog…easy name to remember).  If you see me post anything at all, it’s probably just an update to my blog or website.  You surely won’t find me posting videos  (I can see it now….me on the ground, unable to get up, with a camera on my head recording it all), pictures of finds, or talking about my new detector (can’t afford one).

Don’t worry though… I will continue to check in and see what you all are finding (and filming). It inspires me and it’s great theater!



Medieval Seal Returns to Town

The Loss of the 1715 Treasure Fleet

Civil War Camp Gives Up Hundreds of Artifacts



I found another use for my Lesche digger this past week. I push it into the ground, put my left hand on top, and push myself up into a standing position.  Still takes some effort but it’s a help…..shortens the distance somewhat.  Never thought I would face the day when getting up off the ground would be an acquired skill (okay, there were a few Saturday nights, but that was a long time ago and under different circumstances).



Last update to your website was over a month ago….can you just say something, anything, to let folks know you are still alive and active?



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23 responses to “Forums, Forums and More Forums….

  1. I also purchased a Lesche digger some years ago. I drove over to New Jersey and went to George Lesche’s home. I chatted with him a short time and purchased the digger. My daughter lives nearby in Bridgeton and many times I wish I lived there also. New Jerey is a Treasure hunters heaven.

  2. (From Butch Holcombe, American Digger Magazine publisher:) Gotta sound off on the forum thing. They are both the best-and worst- things to ever happen to our hobby. “Best” because they allow us to share info, finds, and ideas quickly and widely. “Worst” because some allow egos to run unchecked, frauds to be perpetrated, and ugliness to be spread. There are a few forums (I won’t mention them, nor any, here) that have risen above the petty feuds, politics, and trash talk and I commend them. To others, I have to say “Watch and learn.” While it might not be the forum owners or admins who make the “bad” posts, to allow certain negative posts to remain (especially while deleting other ‘selected’ posts and sometimes even banning the users) speaks volumes.
    In short, I implore any forum owners to police their sites, but do it in a fairly and balanced way. Otherwise, you are not hurting ______ (fill in the name of someone or forum you dislike)…you are merely hurting us as a whole.

  3. bill from lachine


    Well said….I do admin on a forum which will go unnamed and it’s not always easy keeping egos in check both admin and members..but we do the best we can.

    Regards + HH


    • Well said Bill. But like archaeology, we have our share of ‘Richardheads’, and they are easily spotted; it’s in the nature of the internet where the spineless hide behind anonymity, the kind of people who lack the guts to say what they do face-to-face. It’s the Cross we bear.

  4. Daniel A.

    Common sense and respect go a long way on forums. It does require a great deal of work to run a forum, and most members only see the side that runs smoothly (due to the background work on the other side). Letting things go unchecked is a train wreck waiting to happen. There have been many new friendships made due to forums and people sharing a common interest. We are a community.

  5. As the years roll by too quickly, I really do interrogate each signal a bit more, and listen to what the machine is actually saying, not what I want to imagine. It’s another painful mistake if a bit of foil, gun cartridge, coke or beer can appears, and I have to lean a bit more on the Mini Draper spade on the way up, a hammy will spring me to my feet! Good luck to all those with creaking knees … Liam

    • Hi Liam… are a man who understands the angst in getting older, and you are right on with the hammy thing. Amazing what a good find will do for your well being.

  6. That’s OK by us Barnum. We enjoy your company at our forum. Come and go as you please. It is fun though when us old dogs get to run in a pack together….lol


  7. I laughed out loud while reading this post. I particularly found the bit about using the Lesche as an aid to getting back up funny because I discovered this use of it a while back. Now I have upgraded to a t-handle digger and have modified my getting-back-up technique accordingly.

    The forums were tremendously useful to me as a repository of metal detecting knowledge in the beginning. Eventually I too grew tired of the drama and I began to see that many of these forums where nothing but clubs where the members got to say whatever they felt and the rest got banned for any perceived transgression. The nature of the Internet, It has been said, it’s the flame. Forums were there since the Internet’s inception (remember Bulletin Boards?) and will be there in whatever form the Internet manifests in the future.

    I will now go search for all posts by Barnum so I can appropriately flame them.

  8. Lisa

    I feel there is something to be said with being on different pages. Forums are a great avenue for listening and inputting from all sides of the spectrum. Take me, for example. As everyone knows I am an archaeologist. Before I started visiting the “other side” and really reading and listening to what was being said, I too was under the assumption that all metal detectorists destroyed the land and stole history to hoard and sell. My bad! Just as I am sure many think that all archies are pure evil as well. Now, I do not always agree with everything being said here, and I’m sure not everyone agrees with everything I say either. But that’s okay. That is how we learn from each other and problems get solved. That is how we compromise. Even if sometimes we stay on different pages, the respect we build for each other allows us to agree to disagree with dialogue remaining intact.

  9. bill from lachine


    On a lighter note whenever I look at the top right of the page that look on DetectingDiva’s face is hypnotic….meant in a nice way though….lol…

    Regards + HH


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