On the Prowl Again….

Well “Warsaw Wally” is once again on the prowl.  He’s been in hot pursuit of one Brandon Neice, a detectorist from Idaho.  Why?  Because Brandon made the mistake of commenting on his blog.  I do not know Brandon, but I would highly recommend he not waste his time again, nor follow up with another response.  It’s merely pissing in the wind, and that’s much to good for Wally.

You will never win responding to any of his posts because (1) he can accept, edit or reject your comment, and (2) he will spend hours searching for anything and everything he can find to demean you (note his most recent post).

Wally spends hours searching treasure hunting websites,forums and blogs, and will pick and choose whatever suits his needs. He is likewise a master when it comes  to insults, and wets his pants each time he can hurl one (note the “out of the blue” mention of Lisa MacIntyre again).


Then again Wally has no friends, with the exception of his bunk mate, Nigel Swift (another wannabe treasure hunter).  He claims to have a family, although I seriously doubt it (who in their right mind would want to live with this yahoo, and if he had kids they would most certainly run away and join the circus). Wally is truly a man without a country…..

Okay, enough said. I am sure that Wally is drooling over my comments and the links to his blog, but what the hell, you have to throw a bone to the dogs every once  in a while…



WILLIAMS, CHARLES E, “Chuck”, 73, of Belleville, passed on May 22, 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Chuck33Chuck graduated from Wayne State University and earned two Master Degrees. He worked as an engineer at Ford Motor Company for more than 30 years.  He was one  of the pioneers in making the seat belt available in cars.  Chuck had a passion for many things.

He enjoyed metal detecting and was Vice President of Michigan Treasure Hunters Club. He was part of the Community Emergency Response Team program and  volunteered at Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue.

A Memorial Service with be held on Saturday, June 1 at 11:30 AM, gathering from 10:00 AM at  Higgerson & Neal Funeral Home, 209 Main St, Belleville, 734-697-9400. Memorial tributes to Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue, P.O. Box 854, Belleville, MI 48111. Share  a memory at hnfhome.com

I have known Chuck for sometime and he will be missed. My condolences to Chuck’s family and friends. RIP Chuck and good hunting….



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7 responses to “On the Prowl Again….

  1. Warsaw Wally is a hemoroid on the arse of treasure hunting. A simple, bloody, irritant. Why anyone would bother with him or his comments is beyond me. He is though, a rich seam of ignorance when it comes to treasure hunting, private collecting (except antique Japanese prints) and ideal lampooning material. He is widely detested for his obnoxious ways by many of superior intellect. I doubt very much that he has the courage to say what he writes so insultingly to anyone’s face.

  2. Rather than contaminate my homage to Charles Williams in the same mention as the nonentity previously mentioned, my sincere condolences to Charles’ family and the Michigan Treasure Hunters Club.

  3. Robbie

    Just read the Warsaw whiners new blog post about the TV detecting show sponsored by Minelab, which he states is a US company. WW didn’t do much research (or doesn’t research about anything metal detecting related) about the fact that Minelab is an Austrailian company. Just another “fact” he refuses to research

  4. My comment is not about this person who is not an actual archaeologist but about archaeologists in general. Recently I was contacted by a student writing a paper on the socio-archaeology of our community. She ran into my blog while researching a park in our beloved city. When I began researching this park, I found very little data and had to rely on first-hand material (i.e. newspaper articles and such) to construct my history of the park. This student thus contacted me to inquire about my sources as she was finding little elsewhere.

    I am proud to know that I helped a budding historian/anthropologist and that he/she may remember a metal detecting guy as a useful gatherer of facts. The point is that most anthropologists (are all archaeologists anthropologists? I think so) do not ever meet one of us and rely only on hearsay to judge us. Also, metal detectorists are not the only ones who can get in trouble with the anthropology/archaeology crowd. I point you to the case of Hueyatlaco, Mexico, in which Geologists got in trouble for reporting anomalous date ranges for the archaeological dig there.

    I am hopeful for a resolution to the detector/archaeologist schism when I read the comments posted by your friend Lisa.

    • Great story David, and I thank you sharing… I know detectorists who are also very avid historians, both on a community and state level, and when you add in relic hunters and their knowledge of the Civil War, we are a very schooled and useful group.

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