Best Day Ever Video…..

If you go back to my post of April 23rd, I shared Dave Wise’s “best ever” day…..five George Washington Inaugural Buttons.  I ended it by saying I hoped his partner Todd Hiltz had taped it.  Well he did, and I just came across it on Facebook.  It’s 13 minutes long, and fun to watch. Enjoy and thanks Dave and Todd.

For the record these two guys still piss me off…



I got homesick watching the above video in that I used to live “in the sticks” when I lived in New Jersey.  We had two and a half acres, a brook, a pond, no visible neighbors, and wooded areas all around.  All we had to do was walk outback, up or down the road a few yards, and we were “in the sticks”.

When we moved there we explored the area. We found overgrown and forgotten roads, old foundations and most important we found nature at it’s finest, offering a variety of wildlife, as well as peace and solitude. Today we think about all that we had, and regret the day we left it behind.  I could go on, but it would just sound like sour grapes….suffice to say it was all my fault.

Detecting an old foundation, deep in the woods (or “sticks” if you choose) was and is treasure hunting as it should be. Did I dig trash?  Yep, but I didn’t dig pulltabs, and I didn’t have to look over my shoulder.  I uncovered relics….most of which I knew nothing about and I found old coins.  Large cents, Indian heads, Seated and Barber coins and an occasional piece of jewelry.

Ah, the good ole days...

Ah, the good ole days…

Fast forward to today….I live in a Dallas suburb, and while I know there are wooded areas somewhere around here, I have yet to find one that looks like home (as in New Jersey).  Yeah, I know, this is turning into one of those homesick, good ole days, piss and moan stories again, but it’s what happens when you have one too many glasses of red.

I guess I could blame this all on Dave Wise or Todd Hiltz, but that wouldn’t be fair. Or would it?  While watching their video I saw what used to be, and I got homesick. I must remember to never watch anymore of their videos (just kidding….looking forward to the next one already)



Drove to my yet to be announced site today, and got “wetted out”.  We had torrential rains on Tuesday (but thankfully no tornados) and the creek that runs through the area had apparently flooded.  Decided to give it a couple of days and came home. Stay tuned…



Thanks to Eddy Current for the following article….

Rare Civil War Coin

Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for this update… 

Rare Ring Found in Field



Was just thinking about Chicago Ron’s forthcoming show “Dig Wars” and whether or not it would be good TV, and realized that in the early days something like this was totally unheard of.  Would have been nice (I think?) but it was not even a blip on the radar then.  How far we’ve come, and just how far will we go? Hoping I can be around to see some of it…..



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9 responses to “Best Day Ever Video…..

  1. Todd Hiltz

    Thanks for posting the Vid Mr Stout. Prior to Dave getting the GW’s, I had hunted the site a week earlier and found a George Washington Inauguration button there which makes a total of Five that we pulled out from one site and a total of 6 from the two sites.

    • Thanks for the update Todd, and congratulations. Remarkable finds! And you had to say “Mr.”,….. anything to make me feel even older. Sure wish I were back in your neck of the woods.

  2. A great video. I hope you guys gave that wall a thorough going over. The whole place was reminiscent of hunting here in the UK especially in the Chiltern Hills. You now have a ‘Limey’ fan.
    Happy hunting

    • Todd & Dave….whatever you do, do not invite John H. over here to hunt with you. He will come. He will stay. He will not leave, and he will drink all of your best stuff. Be forewarned.

  3. Ain’t that the truth! But I bring good Scotch!

  4. That got the blood flowing on getting out there into the woods. Awesome video indeed!

  5. dave wise

    Thanks for the kind words Dick and sharing the video.was a super exciting day! one I will never forget!

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