The “Real Treasure”….Right Under Your Nose!

Given the events of recent days I wanted to remind you all that while metal detecting is a terrific pastime, and finding coins, gold jewelry and relics are what we lust after, the real treasures are right under our nose and can be taken away in mere seconds.  All one has to do is visit Moore, Oklahoma.  One moment all was well with the world, and  a minute or two later everything they cherished was gone. Heartbreaking.

The sign reads "The best things in life aren't things"....

The sign reads “The best things in life aren’t things”….

John Howland and I both offer our sincere condolences to all those affected by this terrible tragedy, as well as our wishes for a speedy recovery…..



Yep! All of those and more.  What would a post from Bubba be without a mention of his pal Paul Barford, or as he’s more commonly known now, Warsaw Wally!  His “No Wonder He Hides” blurb is sure to raise Mr. Barford’s hackles, but then who really cares?  One can count the number of comments on his blog with one hand, indicating that even his “Warsaw Wally Fan Club” could care less. So if you are up to a chuckle or two, check out John’s latest update by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!



My last post resulted in a few surprise comments and emails from old friends, and while I now hate the word, old timers, that fits as well!

When Dan Hamilton, my old detecting partner from New Jersey commented I was really taken aback.  We email frequently, but getting him to participate in any type of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, a blog or forum, is impossible.  Here’s hoping he get’s brave and chimes in from time to time, although if he does I hope he doesn’t share any of our old off-the-wall adventures. Some are best left untold!

Dan, with his 6000di, Series 2, hunting old homesite, early 80's

Dan, with his 6000di, Series 2, hunting old homesite, early 80’s

All we needed? Apron and screwdriver (and we found loads)

All we needed? Apron and screwdriver (and we found loads)

Also heard from my old friend Arthur, who lives in Canada, and wanted to share his email in hopes that maybe someone reading here can help… He wrote:

“I was wondering if you have any news through the grape-vine about Paul Wilson who made the Wilson line of detectors? I had an old email of his from back in 2008,  but I get no response from him now and his phone number no longer works. I imagine he’d be pushing 80 or more now. Just wondering if he passed his business onto someone  else or if he shut down completely now?”

If any you know Paul or are familiar with his company, please email Arthur at Thanks….



Well Chicago Ron (a.k.a. Ron Guinazzo) now has a blog too, and I am happy he’s decided to go that route.  Now I can pick his brain, and annoy him. You can  check it out by clicking HERE.  Good luck Ron. Looking forward to your updates and brainfarts (yep, we all have ’em).

Remember too that Ron will be starring in the new show “Dig Wars“, premiering on the Travel Channel, June 12th, at 9pm, Central time.  I am hoping it’s a show we can all be proud of, and Ron knows I will be upfront with my opinions (not that anyone gives a crap)….



Wasn’t sure what to make of the following article when I read the headlines, but after reading it I understood.   Saw the word “legitimacy” and immediately   thought it must be about Howland.  All kidding aside this is a great article, and Scott deserves a big thank you from all of us.

Detectorist Seeks Legitimacy More Than Treasure

Scott also has a great blog, Metal Detecting in the USA. Do yourself a favor and check it out here, and then bookmark it. You won’t be sorry.



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7 responses to “The “Real Treasure”….Right Under Your Nose!

  1. What are you talking about Dick? Your the EF Hutton of detecting.LOL
    Thanks for the mention, and everyone knows you tell it like it is. Good or bad you make the call.
    Also, just as a side note this blog thing came form me parusing your blog and feeling it would be nice to be able to answer questions and comment on daily detecting related items. If it goes bad it’s your fault!

    • Just love his site….none of this ‘detectorist’ stuff…he talks ‘treasure hunter/hunting’. There’s a certain person who I’d make read it aloud at gunpoint just so I could watch the pig choke on some of the words! Brilliant Ron!

  2. Yeah right! The only problem is “When Dick Stout talks, no one listens”….

  3. I had the terrible experience of rushing home after a tornado hit my neighborhood. I remember the horrible feeling of devastation as I entered my neighborhood to find all trees shredded, the streets flooded, the houses gone. As I approached my house all I could see was debris. Tornadoes can be whimsical and after i removed some siding and plywood, I found my house mostly intact with my girlfriend and my pets safely huddled in the basement. So I know exactly the meaning of the words pictured in your post.

    In a lighter note, I quickly added Ron’s blog to my blog roll. As for you sir, you are for sure one of the Titans of our hobby.

    • Wow, cannot imagine the feeling. When I watch the coverage of the Moore situation it’s beyond belief. Glad that your situation turned out as it did.

      And “Titans”? ROFLMAO. David, trust me, I am just another guy who likes to metal detect, and not having much success at it of late. Thank you anyway….

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