Dateline: Bournemouth, UK….

Just received the latest epistle from the Malamute Saloon, and it appears as though the author has been imbibing just a little.  When he starts off with an arkie joke  you know you know that something is up, as in a glass of Aberlour with a splash of water (and that’s probably just an apertif for lunch).

Howl5Okay, in all seriousness, John Howland’s contributions here sometimes get muddled in all the humor and back and forth banter, but I can assure  you that he knows his business when it comes to treasure hunting, whether inebriated or sober.  As a result I encourage him to contribute more in the hopes that my next trip over there, or his here, will result in a bottle or two of that very same single malt! Hope I am right….

Okay, for the latest from his parsimonious brain, simply click  on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



Let me remind you again about this challenge, and refer you to my posts of May 1st and 3rd. Your club could win a Coinmaster detector, compliments of White’s Electronics.   All you have to do is help out your local community, and promote your club in the process. How? Simply by adopting a park or a stretch of highway and/or shoreline to clean up on a regular basis.

The guidelines….Send a newspaper clipping or email a link to a television blurb about your club’s “Step Up and Clean Up” program. It must tell about or show your club actually at work,  cleaning up your adopted area, and it must be dated after May 5th 2013.  Send it to….

“Step Up and Clean Up”, White’s Electronics, Inc., 1011 Pleasant Valley Road,  Sweet Home, Oregon 97386.



Well thanks to White’s Electronics, I now have a clean looking, working detector.   Next on the agenda?  Taking it into the field.   I will do a little testing this weekend, and then the first of next week I hope to take it to a large park in Dallas.  Will let you know how things go (even if you aren’t interested).



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  1. A bottle or two of Abelour???? You must be having a laugh! You got more chance of an invite to a BBQ in downtown Warsaw! And you still owe me $20.
    Jeez, you got more front than Mae West.

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