Weekend Events….


I have been amiss in not mentioning a couple of forthcoming weekend events and was taken to task for it. My apologies… Both are at the Jersey shore, and after Hurricane Sandy it would be nice if you would consider supporting the folks who make their livelihood there.

The first is the big Minelabbing Day, and this year the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club is coordinating the event.  It is once again being held in Atlantic City.

Just up the coast a bit is the East Coast Research & Discovery Club’s “Four at the Shore” event.  Details are available on each club’s website.

For a more definitive schedule on the Go Minelabbing event (including other venues) click here.

Good luck to all attending…



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4 responses to “Weekend Events….

  1. Dick,
    We, the newly formed Wheat State Treasure Hunter of Wichita Kansas, have our very first event and we are too excited for words. We will be cleaning a park that’s dear to our hearts (it has yielded many an old silver) and that unfortunately, it’s often left in a sad state after people use it.

  2. Hey-you forgot the Gateway Treasure Hunters Club Open hunt, May 18th in Onset, Ma (Cape Cod). Thats where I’ll be!!

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