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Well, “Butthead” or as John Howland refers to him, “Warsaw Wally” is apparently getting a lot of his blogging news here on SS, and we seem to be getting under his skin (love it when that happens)….

He is already taking apart the new show “Dig Wars” despite the fact that it doesn’t air until June. He is drooling over the comments posted below the show link I provided. Doesn’t matter that they are obviously an organized campaign (I and three of my friends have tried posting comments over the past couple of days, and they are not shown). Then again what the the hell does he care….they provide him with fodder to pass along to his “reader” (his pal Beavis”, a.k.a. Swiftie, is the only one who ever replies to his BS).

Anyway it always makes my day when something here pisses him off, and I think it would be nice if he thanked me once in a while for keeping him supplied with material.

Hang in there Paulie…. Maybe someday there will be a show about archaeologists. They could call it “Whine Wars”.



My 6000di Series 2 is on it’s way back from the factory, and I can’t thank White’s  enough for their superb customer service and fast turnaround.  Hopefully will have it sometime this week, and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs at a few spots I have in mind.



John Howland posted new information regarding the PAS in the Malamute Saloon, and hope you will take the time read it by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!



Thanks again to Eddy Current (look him up on Facebook) for the following articles. Eddy is always on top of things, and I enjoy reading his updates.

Sporting  Hill Man Unearths Artifacts

Log Boat Could Be 5,000 Years Old



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15 responses to “Recent News & Views….

  1. pocketspill

    So. Why don’t detectorists have such a nice comment-leaving-campaign. We could easily vote the others comments off the Dig Wars page with our numbers. But nobody bothers. Somebody else’s problem.

    • Scott, I and a couple of others have posted comments there….they do NOT show up for whatever reason. Look at those that do, and as Doug noted, notice the use of the word looters. Rather strange, especially given that it is an apparent neutral website.

      • This is what I see “after” I comment…

        Your comment is awaiting moderation. See your comment.

        Maybe because it’s the start of a work week they will show up….I hope.

  2. John H

    I think ‘comments’ are now closed. Maybe?

    • Okay I do see that this page is dated back in March. From what I understood this show was “just formally announced” this past weekend? The last comment was dated 4 days ago, so let’s see if anything develops today.

      • Dick this is a press release from the travel channel issued in March. The cast was told to hold off on any social media until they said it was ok. They just wanted to wait until a month out before we released any info. Anyone that can share the release date, it would be greatly appreciated. I know you can’t please everyone, I think the vast majority of detectorists that enjoy sharing the passion that is this hobby will enjoy the show.

      • Thanks for the update Ron. I am looking forward to the show, and hope I will be able to recommend it to others. Good luck.

  3. Robbie

    I liked how the “Warsaw Whiner” said the show sounded dreadful……..but will tune in to watch it.

    Dick, hope the blue box will work like new and you will get a chance to dig something good.

  4. Mike Smith

    What! I noticed “Butthead” did not pick up our goodwill campaign/donations for the restoration of the desecreated graves in GA. We do good and still no recognition from the “arkies”. Surprise – Surprise!

    Anyway wish you a lot of finds with your new/old detector!

    • Of course not. He did pick up on the original story and spread that all over his blog, especially the part where relic hunter was mentioned. He is one of a kind, and actually quite harmless. No one pays any attention to his long winded, hard to understand, epics.

  5. Your’e Dead Right Ricardo:
    How can ‘Warsaw Wally’ be taken seriously by anyone whose feet are firmly on the ground, especially when he comes up with the most laughable concoction ever devised by ‘archaeology’; the now discredited Artefact Erosion Counter? As a source for mickey taking, he’s the Mother Lode. If he didn’t exist we’d probably have to invent him!

  6. Did you happen to listen to the American Digger shop last featureds the Task Force for Metal Detecting Right Foundation…very lively Q&A..several minteresting calls.

    Also I don’t see any mention of the 2 big hunts inh NJ this coming weekend.,

    • Yes I was there for the entire hour…enjoyed it. Sorry I forgot to mention the hunts coming up. I don’t always mention hunts in that there are so many, but I know these are special to you. Minelab, etc.. Will be sure to mention them Avery in my next post.

  7. The anti-Dig Wars comments seem scripted, probably written by archaeologists.

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