From the Malamute Saloon….More on the Garrett AT Pro International

Received an update from the ever jovial John Howland today, and this time around he talks about a forthcomng comparison test of the AT Pro.  Of course he also added in  a few “arkie” tales and articles just to keep them on their toes (and piss them off).  I don’t think he will get tickets to their  convention this year….just a hunch.

To read John’s latest update, and about how he found this coin, click  on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date…..




Well, the ole 6000di Series 2, Hipmount I was waiting for finally arrived…..INOPERABLE!

disappointmentThe detector looked new, but the plastic meter cover was broken, and the meter did did ot work.  Had to push battery pack into the unit to get a threshold (foam missing) but could not get a coin to respond. I am amazed that when people pack something  like this, they put the control box on the bottom of the box, and everything else on top, not to mention it came with one of those old blue and heavy carry bags which  would have made a great cushion.

The knobs/pots also were extremely hard to turn, and the disc knob did not work at all. I have decided to send it back to the factory in hopes that they can fix it.  The  seller has a great track record, and has agreed to pay repair charges (if it can be fixed).  So back to the post office, and another wait.  The joys of online shopping!



Thanks to Eddy Current and Jessie Thompson for the following….

Ancient Roman Cemetery Found Under Parking Lot 

South Jersey Treasure Hunter Tracks Down Owner of 1963 Class Ring



Well the Diva does it again! Allyson Cohen, one of the best looking treasure hunters I ever met, is currently featured in the June issue of   The Searcher.  For a preview of this latest edition be sure and check out the John Winter  blog.





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2 responses to “From the Malamute Saloon….More on the Garrett AT Pro International

  1. Doug Frantz

    Strange that people will ship a piece of electronics equipment and not pack it properly. Read about a similar case on one of the forums today. Good luck with it.

    • Well got the word back from White’s yesterday that it’s already on it’s way back to me, and that everything is working like new. Will keep you posted.

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