A Couple of Reminders and a Brainfart or Two….

Just wanted to remind you of a couple of things.  First, if possible, hope you will consider donating a dollar or two to the American Legion folks in Waynesboro, Georgia. For more  information on this situation please refer to my post of April 27th.  The mailing address is also listed there.

Be sure to notate “Old Church Restoration” on the bottom of your check.  Many thanks to Mike Smith for following up on this situation, and for providing all the details.



Don’t forget the “Step Up and Cleanup” challenge mentioned in my last post. Remember too that White’s will donate a Coinmaster detector to the first six  clubs to participate so get going, help your club and in the process, help your community.

White’s  may also consider making this an ongoing program….thanks everyone in Sweet Home!



Don’t get too excited or worked up….the “bongs” I am referring to are those memorable responses I used to hear when using the old White’s 6000di Series 2 detector.  I am happy to say I finally found one (hip mount as well), and it’s on it’s way. 



I understand it won’t have all the bells and whistles that today’s models offer, and may be lacking some in depth, but I am looking forward to taking it out in the field, if for nothing else, old times sake.  It was a favorite of mine, and it disappeared during a garage sale right after moving to Texas.  I will keep you posted on how this old work horse performs (not that you really care).  Given the price I had to pay, I know there are others who loved this machine as well ….

If anyone out there happens to have a 4 inch coil for this detector that you’d like to sell or give away to an old and needy man (a friend of mine), let me know.



Good news….Allyson Cohen, the Detecting Diva will now be handling the Task Force  Twitter and Facebook pages, so be sure to check in there daily for updates on their activities. She also told me that the Cook County situation is moving along, and that  the president of the local club is working with an attorney, drafting a letter to send to the local park commission, and when that is submitted the information will  be posted on the Task Force website. Thanks Allyson for the update.



Thanks to Eddy Current (again) and to Regton, Ltd. for the following information. Appreciate it…..

Money Discovered in Hidden Safe

Archaeologist Backs Bid to Keep Stafforshire Hoard in Midlands



Construction crews working near Houston uncovered skeletal remains that go back thousands of years.  While nothing is certain and more tests remain, researchers  are saying that based on the position of the skeletal remains, they are almost positive they are that of an early archaeologist….


Sorry Lisa, couldn’t resist!



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4 responses to “A Couple of Reminders and a Brainfart or Two….

  1. Mike Smith

    The South Alabama Historical Research and Recovery Assn of Mobile, AL held their meeting last night and we raised $100 to donate towards the cemetary restoration. I hope that other groups and individuals will raise funds for this worthy event.
    Thanks Dick for your efforts to get the word out!

    • Thanks Mike…that’s neat. You made me realize I had not sent my check off, but will write it out tonight and mail it off in the morning. I too hope other clubs or groups will do the same, if they haven’t already.

  2. Joe(TX)

    ….I think that your acquisition of your favorite detector….the Whites 6000 Di Series 2….is a beautiful thing….some of the newcomers and even some of the old timers do not understand that when you have 1000’s of hours using a particular model that although it may have been years since using it ….all of those skills come back quickly upon re-using it…..nothing wrong with the new stuff….but it is hard to disregard all of the experience some people have with some of the older or some call it vintage detectors……I can hold my own against anybody and that is me using like a Garrett Gold Hunter ( an Enhanced Ground Hog) or a White’s 5900 SL….I am just very comfortable using the older detectors and although I get potshots from some of the newer crowd it does not bother me…..so I am happy that you found your 6000Di S2….it just reminds me to get out ASAP with my 5900…but with the Texas Heat Wave in force…I will have to wait till the fall or until I make it to the shores of Galveston…….so if you see someone using a Dinosaur detector in Texas….that may be me…….LOL…..

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