Adding a Little Icing to the Cake….

Hope you read my last post about adopting a stretch of shoreline, highway, road or a park, because there’s now something in it for you.  I just received this email  from Alan Holcombe, Corporate Manager for White’s…..



White’s Electronics is happy to commit to one Coinmaster Detector each to the first 6 clubs who meet the criteria for your “Step Up and Clean Up” initiative.  We will consider making this an ongoing program.



So what do you think? Does that provide a little incentive?  A Coinmaster could be used in a raffle to raise money for your club, or else be used as a prize at your  yearly hunt.  Are you interested?  Remember this not a prize for finding a token. It’s a prize for doing what’s right, and for doing it on a regular basis.  More importantly the PR you receive will go a long way toward promoting your club, and making it more visible in you local community.

White's Coinmaster

White’s Coinmaster


Send a newspaper clipping or email a link to a television blurb about your club’s “Step Up and Clean Up” initiative.  It must show your club actually at work, cleaning up your adopted area, and it cannot be dated before May 5th 2013.

Send it to: “Step Up and Clean Up”, White’s Electronics, Inc., 1011 Pleasant Valley Road, Sweet Home, Oregon  97386.

I want to thank Alan Holcombe, and White’s Electronics, for their response to my idea.  I personally have nothing to gain out of all this, other than my love for the environment and animals, both domestic and wild.  I hope that Alan’s offer will convince my fellow environmentalists and animal lovers to take up the reins and get things in motion?

We all can make a difference when it comes to our surroundings, and while what you do may seem insignificant, it is not.  Watch the following video all the way through, and I think you will agree.

Midway, a film by Chris Jordan

What do you think? Can you help in some way?  Is your club interested in winning a White’s Coinmaster, and in the process, making a difference in the world?  I really do hope so. Good luck, and keep me posted.



Thanks to Eddy Current again for the following articles and updates.  If you are a TH’er, on Facebook, type in Eddy Current, and add his page to your favorites.  Lots  of great info and always something new and interesting.

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10 responses to “Adding a Little Icing to the Cake….

  1. Great stuff…let’s hope a few more manufacturers follow suit with this important venture.

  2. Count Wheat State Treasure Hunters in!

  3. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    Our club NWTHC has done projects like this over the years, and in fact yestrday we had scheduled a cleanup at the fairgrounds where we hold our hunt. It is a grass parking area that has various spots loaded with metal trash. We filled a 5 gallon bucket with metal trash, and also cleaned up surface trash. Was fun, we found a few coins, and gave prizes to the members who came out.

  4. Dick, Could you please email me an email address to send links. Either that or I totally missed how to email Alan.


    • It was listed on the same post, but anyway here it is….

      Send it to: “Step Up and Clean Up”, White’s Electronics, Inc., 1011 Pleasant Valley Road, Sweet Home, Oregon 97386.

  5. Everything has been sent to Mr. Holcombe. Hopefully we are not too late!

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