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Guess Who Came Out of His Burrow?

Well, as I mentioned in my post of April 7th, this blog’s favorite fan, Paul Barford, was the guest speaker Wednesday, at University Campus Suffolk,  Ipswich, UK.  From all accounts the talk was typical Barford BS, as in how detectorists are destroying history, how his Artifact Erosion Counter  proves it, and how, if he had his way, the pastime would be strictly licensed, among other things. Continue reading


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Big Tony from Bayonne and His Wasted Trip!

I miss New Jersey a great deal, but at this moment I am glad I live at a distance.  You see I pissed off Big Tony from Bayonne, and that’s something you never  want to do. Big Tony (Tony Conti) is an old treasure hunting friend from North Jersey, and will travel any distance to find “good stuff”. But it better be there when he  arrives, and it better be “damn good stuff”…. Continue reading


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Random Postings & Brainfarts


Hope by now you are all familiar with the website Detecting Diva.  If not check it out.  I know the Diva, a.k.a. Detectorista, and she is one very good treasure hunter.  She puts many of the guys out there to shame, and will rub it in if she gets the chance. Continue reading


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A Long Awaited Update From the Task Force

Received an email from Avery Marder this morning informing me that the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights has finally updated their website, and I urge you to check it out  by clicking here.   At first glance it looks the same but there are a few new things… Continue reading


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I’m Having a Pity Party!

When I started detecting in the late 70’s the majority of those with detectors were searching for coins.   Yes there were prospectors too, but by and large  the manufacturers were targeting coin hunters, who just wanted to fill in their coin collections.   Detector models like Coinmaster, Coin King, Cash Finder, Coin Hunter  and Coin Magnum were available in the market place. Continue reading


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Is This the Next Frontier?

I’ve begun to notice that more and more treasure hunters are now heading “out of town” to detect. “Rural” seems to be the key word now, as in open fields and wooded  areas.  Places where one might find the remnants of an old homesite or cellar hole, or just an off chance dropped coin or relic. Continue reading


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Small is Good, but Getting Old is Not!

Was reading the latest issue of Western & Eastern Treasures, and Ben Myer’s field test of the MXT Pro  caught my eye. It’s my detector of choice, and I was curious to see what his thoughts were. I’ve known Ben for some time, and I knew he would give an honest  assessment. Continue reading


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Baffling Them with BS!

Could not believe the response to yesterday’s post.   Apparently those of you who visit here do not know me very well, and not aware of my standing within the archaeological community. Yesterday was April 1st (as in April  Fool’s Day) just in case you didn’t know. Continue reading


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This Should Be Interesting!

Received an email from a Texas A & M archaeologist named W.D. Willborn, inviting me to have dinner with him Thursday, at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek  (one of the finest restaurants here in Dallas).  Continue reading


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