Can We Help Just a Little?

My wife Fay is an avid photographer, and one of her haunts is White Rock Lake, in Dallas. She always seems to find something to shoot there, and it’s  an area that attracts all kinds of birds, from pelicans, coots, herons, mallard ducks, and yes, even parakeets. Truly a bird photographer’s dream.  She always comes home with beautiful photos, mostly birds, sometimes flowers, people, but yesterday she came home with a couple that upset me.  The following  should explain…..

The Good at White Rock

The Good at White Rock


The bad at White Rock

A seagull whose webbed foot is empaled with hooks and lure....

A casualty of the bad….a seagull whose webbed foot is impaled with hooks and lure….

Seeing the gull pictured above, his webbed feet impaled with fish hooks and lure, broke my heart. How long will he continue to live in this  condition with this unwanted adornment?  When will we learn to appreciate what nature has given us, and when will we stop being so damn intent on destroying  it?  Today we take so much for granted, expect so much from each day, and in the process we are slowly but surely killing off everything that makes our life so  meaningful. Lakes, streams, wooded areas, wildlife, and fauna….slowly but surely dying just because we are all too busy.

I am hoping that sharing Fay’s photos will give you pause for concern and something to think about. If you are a member of a club, how about bringing up the idea of  adoping a stretch of shoreline, a stretch of highway, or a park, and making it yours to keep clean?  Have a monthly or bi-monthly cleanup effort? It could be a great piece of public relations, certainly worthy of a blurb in the newspaper, and who knows, maybe even a spot on local TV.  However, if none of that happens, it’s the “right” thing to do…. the “caring” thing  to do.

I suspect there are already a few clubs out there who already participate in community action projects like this, but if your club does not, why not start?  Just maybe another seagull, like the one above, won’t have to face a similar fate…..



Well my twin brother from across the pond finally received a copy of my book, “In Search of Treasure” and decided to review it….

Winter6Not sure if this is my last book, but without a doubt, it’s the last one I send to John Winter. He took the scalpel to it, finding picayune things to piss  and moan about (apparently he was expecting War and Peace?). His comments about spelling and grammar reminded me of a mutual friend we have in Warsaw.

I wasn’t sure I should share the link to this review, but I will out of respect to his inability to comprehend my prose.  The John Winter review can be  found here, and not to worry, I will get even when I review his book…

All kidding aside, thanks for the mention John….your comments are spot on, and taken in good stride, however don’t pace the floor waiting for the $20 I owe you.

Last minute update…apparently John took  down the review due to the comments posted ….sorry. 



Well, I had a surprise today. The man himself, Paul Barford, actually took the time and made the effort to help identify a coin of mine. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of that. Really. I tried to tell him that, and added an additional “funny” comment (at least I thought it was) about where I  found it. Well, apparently he didn’t find it funny, and is bent out of shape about it (a friend once warned me, “never piss off a troll”).

I tried twice to post a comment on his blog stating “Get a sense of humor. For once in your life, please?“.  Apparently he chose NOT to approve the comment, but when I posted on MY blog that I had sent it, he stated that he had not received it, and wanted me to once again say the  same damn thing. Well, I won’t. I am quite aware of how he plays the game, and this time I will sit it out, thank you.

He winds up his latest tirade with “no doubt his barely-comprehending-artefact-grubbing-and-hoarding fellows will be guffawing their empty-headed amusement at his lack of manners”.   Actually I am guffawing (a.k.a.,ROFLMAO) at his adjective laced description of us.  He left out “knuckle dragging”?

Mr. Barford I was not lazy in trying to indentify my coin. I had indeed researched it, but could not come up with matching photos. Your description did the trick, and I am most grateful. Thank you, and as to where I really found the coin? I will be upfront with you. At Stonehenge!

Now, get a life, a sense of humor, and laugh a little….will do you wonders



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7 responses to “Can We Help Just a Little?

  1. Dick:
    Fay’s pics need a greater and wider audience…possibly with the angling fraternity of which I’m one, and I am appalled by what Fay is highlighting. She is to be applauded for the hard-hitting quality of her work.

    If Barford takes your advice to …..“get a life, a sense of humor, and laugh a little, will do you wonders,” will also rob me a of a major source material, and treasure hunters and detectorists of a valuable source of amusement.

    • Fay thanks you for your comments….I suspect the angling community did not have a direct hand in the seagulls plight, but the photo begs us all to retrieve, recover and pick up what we can every single day.

      I also understand your concern about the possibility of Mr. Barford getting a sense of humor, but I would not worry. The odds are most definitely in your favor.

  2. Doug Frantz

    A minor point, but that seagull may have tried to grab that fishing lure while it was being retrieved by a fisherman, for what it’s worth. But i agree about the trashy shoreline, just saw a piece on the TV about the North Pacific gyre, where all the floating plastic trash on that side of the world collects.

    • Doug, good point. It’s certainly possible…. I have a short video on that part of the Pacific, and may just share it.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond. Hope you will continue to chime in….

  3. C’Mon now Ricardo:
    As regards the Warsaw Wally, this is Barford, being Barford. Manners and being obnoxious are his domain, not yours…he’s famous for it…he’s a joke amongst many, even archaeology’s assholes, allegedly, think he’s an asshole! Unless we hear to the contrary, he REPRESENTS archaeology!!!!!!

    The CBA love him!!! They even accept his AEC as being accurate. Oh, great stuff! Keep him spouting off, he’s doing us good business. Jeez, if only we could get him and Tony Robinson to do a duet we’d be really home and dry!

    Does he have any archaeological qualifications? Who knows? Does he have any expertise in any field? Who knows? Does he have any expertise with a metal detector? Er….doubtful. Does anyone know what he looks like? Yes! Does he know what he’s talking about when it comes to metal detecting…absolutely not! His own rantings prove that.

    Let’s move on and talk treasure hunting, collecting, and selling legally found artefacts at the best prices.

    John H

  4. Yes, in that Staffordshire field…a full moon as I recall…and that arkie gave us 25% of the market value and no questions asked…

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