A Great Find by the Detecting Diva!

The Detecting Diva has found a dandy!  The 1786 Connecticut Copper she dug a couple of weeks ago (see her  finds link), and didn’t think too much about,  wound up being a  what they call a “variation”


According to Carter Pennington (president of the Task Force) it is in amazing condition, and the “Scholar’s Head” variation has   a URS (University Rarity Scale) rating of 7 meaning there are less than 65 known to exist. He went on to say that the book value in that condition is $5,000, but they  rarely surface, so it’s hard to guess what it might bring at auction.  The Whitman Encylopedia of Colonial and Early American coins, by Bowers, lists this variation as a W-2150 (obverse Miller 3, reverse D1).  I am not sure what all that means, but I suspect it means she has a nice find….

Telling you guys, don’t go detecting with the detectorista. She will out hunt you and embarrass you in the process.  Congratulations Allyson.  That’s one for the books (will give you $50 for it, no questions asked!).



If you remember my post of April 19th, and the cemetery damage in Burke County,  Mike Smith and I agreed to find a way to help these folks repair the damage  that was done.  Mike had better luck than I, or was more persistent, and I thank him  for that.  He just emailed me with the following….

I finally received a call today from the American Legion Post 120 Commander Leroy Bell, Jr. His was grateful for my call and would welcome any donations to the  restoration of the graves, as the Post has few members.

You can send your donations to: 

American Legion Post 120
PO Box 91
Waynesboro, GA 30830

Make your checks out to “American Legion Post 120″ and at the bottom of your check write “Old Church Restoration”. This will make sure your money is used for the  restoration project.

I am gathering donations from my local club members on May 7th, our next monthly meeting, and sending it out the next day. I hope you or your local metal detecting club  will do the same. This will be a nice way to show that we, in the metal detecting community, are not the “grave robbers” that we are made out to be by archaeologists and  the media.

Please share this information with family, friends and your club!

Thanks Very much,
Mike Smith

Come on everyone, let’s send something to these folks. Let’s show them we care….please.



Was going through a jammed packed  desk drawer today, and came up with a few items that brought back a few memories from yesteryear…..

First, hoping someone out there can help me identify this coin.  Tried to locate a similar coin online, but didn’t have much luck.  Any help would be appreciated.  I remember where it came from, but will not share that information.


Next I found a few old “hat pins”.  I have not really noticed too many TH’ers of late sporting these, but maybe I am wrong.  I just remember that years ago, the more you put on your hat or vest the better….



FMDAC Samples...

FMDAC Samples…

While digging through this long ignored drawer I came across this patch, and wondered how many of you might remember this group  and who started it? I will leave it there, and see if anyone responds.




Thanks to Eddy Current for the following info….

Gold Roman Jewelry Found

4000 Year Old  Gold-Adorned Skeleton Found

Rare Liberty Nickel Sells for $3.17 Million



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28 responses to “A Great Find by the Detecting Diva!

  1. Hi Diva:
    That’s one hell of a find! Congrats and hope you get a few more!
    John H

  2. Congratulations Detecting Diva; a very nice find indeed, once in a lifetime.

  3. My goal with the cemetery was to set up an indiegogo fund which would crowdsource the donations from around the country. All I needed from Leroy was the non-profit’s EID, which he was unable to provide even after I called him 3 times.

    Crowdfunding is so much more powerful than “please send a check” funding because it leverages scale and the “impulse donation” urge This means that the level of entry can be $3 or $5 … that adds up fast when thousands see it. No check. No envelope. No hassle. Plus, with one click, my friends know I took part in the endeavor

    • Scott, your idea was a very good one,and a very valid one. Unfortunately it just did not work out that way, and any money they receive as a result of this post is better than nothing. My concern is that my audience is limited, and that other’s will not pass this information along, especially to clubs.

      I will be sending out my check on Monday……

  4. And Dick–you flatter me–I like it 🙂 Thanks for the nice write up, and yes its for sale, but I gotta get more than $50 for it. Sorry, I know thats a lot of money for you to offer (according to the Malamute Saloon).

  5. bill from lachine


    That’s one heck of a find…..congratulations!

    ps to Dick There’s a good chance your coin is from France….note the 3 fleurs de lis in the crest.

    Regards + HH


  6. goonerdave

    I have a copy of vol. 1 no. 1 of the International Treasure Hunter Worldwide Treasure News official publication of the International Treasure Hunting Society. The General Manager & Executive Editor is one Charles Garrett (yes! that Charles Garrett) of Garland, Texas

    • Right on Gooner. Good job. I had a few of those newsletters myself, but have no idea where they are now.

      Charles told me at one of the FMDAC Atlantic City events that he was thinking of bringing this organization back, having a big hunt in the Dallas area again, and wanted us to put it on. That never materialized, and never came up again when I went to work for him. It was the next year after that discussion that we formed the Worldwide Association of Treasure Hunters, which is now defunct too.

  7. The silver coin seems to be a beat-up a quarter ecu of Henri III of France (1574 – 1589) also one-time ruler of Poland and suitor of Queen Elizabeth I. On the obverse, reading clockwise from 9 o’clock, you can see + HEN_ – [C]VS III DG FRA. On the reverse is the royal coat of arms and you can just about make out the word BENE[DI]CTVM. Nice bit of history if found in Texas!

  8. bill from lachine

    LOL….thanks for the chuckles you made my day…..

    Regards + HH


  9. bill from lachine


    An old adage comes to mind….”you reap what you sow” or how about…..”What goes around comes around”……either one fits to a tee in my books.

    Regards + HH


    • Well I posted a comment on his blog afterwards, which apparently he didn’t find funny either because he didn’t approve it.
      I said “Get a sense of humor will you? Just once in your life?”

  10. Well at least he finds your site interesting and educational enough to trawl thru! Perhaps he’s studying for his PhD??

  11. bill from lachine

    Naw…probably more likely an MBA or what I used to call “Management by Accident” back in my workaday life….lol….

    Regards + HH


  12. Dick-
    Thanks for the tip on the field where you found your coin. If not for that I would have never found mine. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

  13. Carter Pennington


    Good posting! She is dangerous… LOL

    The variation is W-2510 (you show 2150).



  14. Thanks for the warning, and the correction. Was never good with numbers….

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