Ignoring Things Won’t Make Them Go Away!

I have read and reread the article that Scott Clark forwarded me about the Burke County cemetery damage (see last post), and I think we’ve made a mistake in not  addressing it and not doing something to help. Apparently the prevailing attitude was that since it did not specifically blame relic hunters, better to  ignore it then to give it “more legs”. I beg to differ!


If you read the above article, and reread the first one,  you will see that the term “relic hunter” was indeed mentioned, and it went on to say that the perpetrator removed buttons from  a military uniform (not exactly laying blame at our feet, but pretty damn close).

Scott’s idea of setting up a fund was a noble one and in my opinion, the  right one. If we are to be the people we claim to be, we need to take the bad with the good, and do what is right, no matter what.  Shoot me down if you wish,  but looking the other way will not fix the problem, nor burnish our image!



LatestNewsHad an email from Barry Hansen asking about the photo of me at The top of my “Latest News” link (website).   He wondered whether there were toy cars in the background and indeed there are.  They are die cast models, and all are yellow VW Beetles.

When I bought my 2000 New Beetle a few years ago, I fell in love with it (will never forget my wife saying, somewhat embarrassed, “do you really want to drive around in a banana yellow Beetle?”).  Hard to explain, but I became obsessed with all things Beetle, especially yellow ones.  I became a member of the DFW New Beetle Group, and started collecting the die cast models whenever I ran across them.  I currently have 16 total….

The "Pug Bug"

The “Pug Bug”

Yep, my toys!

Yep, my toys!

My “Pug Bug” is now getting along in years (& miles), and a few incidental interior parts need replacing, but all in all it keeps chuggin along (knock on wood) and  Barnum still loves riding shotgun.  The three of us have a lot in common!

(IMHO Volkswagen has blown it with the latest Beetle design. No way it’s a “bug”…. more like a slug!



Hope all of you Facebook folks will be sure to “like” Eddy Currents page.  You will find daily updates and articles about the treasure hunting pastime,  both here and overseas. It’s good stuff!!

Iron Age Artifacts Found 

Stonehenge Occupied 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought



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3 responses to “Ignoring Things Won’t Make Them Go Away!

  1. bill from lachine


    Agree with your position wholeheartedly…well thought out post.

    Regards + HH


    • Hi Bill:
      Just can’t believe that relic hunters would commit such desecration…junkies and crackheads looking for items to fund thier lifestyle..yes. There’s no reason that I can see to even suggest relic hunters are to blame…but why not rogue arkies? Evidence is clear they are not above thieving and a few have been convicted for looting sites. One has only to read some of the wild garbage arkies put out on the web to realise some of them must be on $500-day habits.

      But what really disturbs me, is those people who drive around in a set of wheels with banana yellow wrapper….I mean, what if these people took up treasure hunting, wrote books, or had blogs. Jeez, I bet they even drink ice-cold beer! My God…it’s just too horrible to contemplate.


      • What took you so long Bubba? Jeezus you are so uncouth, so inconsiderate, so crude, so crass and someday I will take away all your stash. Withdrawal will be fun to watch…..

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