Progress on Two Fronts…

O’Fallon Missouri

Good news. Both the Task Force, and the FMDAC have contacted the city, and apparently they have agreed to make changes to the ordinance. They are asking for detectorists help in making these changes, and here’s hoping a few local  TH’ers take them up on this offer. You can find more information, inlcuding the individual to contact, on the Task Force’s website  under “Current Situations”.

New York City Parks

I also was happy to see the update on the New York City parks problem. The Task Force has now hired a legal firm to help tackle the situation, and if you click on  the Legal Challenge Update in NY (also under Current Situations), you will see the letter sent to the New York City Department of Parks.

This is huge in that it indicates to other cities and towns that we are serious about our pastime, and will now take legal action if the situation demands it. In the past they could  pretty much blow off our emails and letters. Now they might have to pay attorney fees to deal with our concerns. Great move by the Task Force, and let’s hope  they have the financial backing of all the manufacturers. The money to fight future battles will be key.



Just wanted to thank Allyson Cohen, a.k.a detectorista for her kind words about my new book “In Search of Treasure”.  Have a feeling the check I stuck inside  the book may have had something to do with it, but nonetheless, thank you kindly Allyson.cohen4

Allyson’s blog is picking up a lot of followers, and you can check it out by clicking  here



As I was typing up this update I received an email from Scott Clark, and I am offering it here, word for word, hoping that by doing so someone or perhaps  the Task Force or FMDAC might be able to help Clark out.  I think it’s a noble cause and a chance for us to shine…..

Scott’s Email


This would be an awesome chance to show who we are. The detecting community should fund the restoration of these graves as it was relic hunters who did it  (most likely.) We must hurry.

I would be happy to set up a crowdfunding account on indiegogo to help restore this cemetary. I need someone to help me figure out who to talk to and if  they’re doing donations.

The trouble is that I’m in meetings all day. Can you help me (or ask someone to) find out who would receive funds for this … an email address and phone number too?

Reward Offered in Burke County Cemetery Desecration


Blogging the hobby at  Metal Detecting in the USA



Scott has now decided NOT to follow up on this effort due to the feedback he has received.  Please see the details on his blog.  Link is above.



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8 responses to “Progress on Two Fronts…

  1. FYI all… I have left a message for the the guy in charge of the American Legion who cares for the cemetery. Updates on this story will be posted at

  2. Mark Schuessler - FMDAC

    I too will be contacting the Legion post. As a veteran and legion member I find this action appalling and disgusting.

    As to the OFAllon situation…We have some allies on the council so hopefully a solution will be found. The next council meeting is on the 25th. I was told that the meetings are videoed. Do not know if we can watch it live or not.

  3. Mark Schuessler - FMDAC

    Just watched the news video on Scott’s site. I cannot put here my true feelings or Dick would have to delete it for sure. The perpetrators should not even be considered human.

    • I understand completely Mark. Have a feeling a few of those words were similar to what I came up with. Let’s hope they are caught and prosecuted. Needless to say there will be a few out there who will still try and place the blame at our feet.

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