Tragedy in Boston!

I was just starting this post when the explosions in Boston occurred. Needless to say I stopped and was glued to the television for a few hours.

It probably hit home a little  more because I went to school in Boston,  and love the town dearly. It was a town that offered everything I wanted at the time, and still does. Entertainment,  shopping, parks, architecture, and sporting events (Fenway Park is the only place to watch baseball).  It’s also a college town, and when I lived there it offered  lots of young gals, and their dorms were up and down Commonwealth Avenue,  just steps away, but that’s another story for another time.

The bombings yesterday, Patriot Day, are a reminder that we are still under attack by terrorists, both homegrown and foreign, and we need to remain vigilant.  I couldn’t help thinking of Oklahoma City, and that the Boston tragedy could have been much, much worse. I also feel certain that those responsible will be found quickly  and dealt with accordingly.

Tragedies like this will make the headlines, and that of course is why these attacks are planned and carried out. What our enemies do not understand however, is that when  they attempt to bring us down, they just bring us closer together. Who can forget 9/11, when there were no Democrats or Republicans,  no differences in the color of  our skin, and what church we went to, or did not go to, was of no importance . The United States flag became a hot commodity, and we were Americans, one and all.  When  I saw the film clips of what happened yesterday, and saw all those rushing to help the injured, without any concern for their own safety, I knew once again that we are  still all  Americans, and damn proud of it.

My thoughts and good wishes go out to all those families affected by this tragedy in Boston….



Well Paul Barford is now back home in Warsaw, and apparently he is an unhappy camper. Woe is me, the tekkies who showed up for his seminar were not  members of the Barford fan club.  Holy Mackerel Batman, how could that be?

Well, for starters, he’s hasn’t any fans within the metal detecting pastime, and why he thinks otherwise is beyond me.  Has he EVER said anything good about  us?  No! In fact yesterday he used the phrase “the erosive hobby of metal detecting”.  Not exactly fodder to warm our hearts.

For years he has beat us up verbally, and in the process made false accusations, and created fictious statistics to show our pastime in a bad light.  And he was expecting a hero’s welcome?

Now he’s pissing and moaning about someone taking his photo during his talk, and worries that it’s now out there on the internet.  Of course he also mentions that  he noticed an individual with a camera sitting in front of him, and apparently never said anything about it?  I guess it’s much easier to cry foul after you are home  in Warsaw, tucked away in the bat cave.  Keep in mind too that he promoted his appearance well ahead of time on his blog.

Oh well, he came, he saw, and he bombed….



Of course the impassioned sot from across the pond has his own take on all this (what a surprise?).  Not sure why, but John Howland has a special affinity for Mr. Barford and for his twin brother who oversees the Heritage Action blog.  Just their mention causes him to guzzle instead of sip that single malt.  A waste of fine  spirits and not a pretty sight, trust me….

To read John’s take on all this click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date….



Received the following newsletter today from the Nor’Easter’s Metal Detecting Club and wanted to share.  Great club and a  great newsletter!! My compliments to Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. the Detecting Diva

 Storm Watch



Update Your “Facebook” page, and say something…..



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3 responses to “Tragedy in Boston!

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    I am going to fly Old Glory for a several days in memory of the ones who lost their lives and for their families. Also to give my support and strength for those who were affected by such a devilish deed!

  2. bill from lachine

    My sympathies to those affected by this senseless tragedy.

    Regards + HH


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