Big Tony from Bayonne and His Wasted Trip!

I miss New Jersey a great deal, but at this moment I am glad I live at a distance.  You see I pissed off Big Tony from Bayonne, and that’s something you never  want to do. Big Tony (Tony Conti) is an old treasure hunting friend from North Jersey, and will travel any distance to find “good stuff”. But it better be there when he  arrives, and it better be “damn good stuff”….

A couple of months ago I happened to mention my old high school in Lambertville, New Jersey, which at the time, was nothing more than a shell, having been razed by a fire years ago and was awaiting the wrecking ball. Built in 1854, it closed it’s doors in 1959 (yours truly was a member of the last graduating class) after a new consolidated school was built a few miles away. I further suggested that, given it’s age, it had to be a haven for anyone with a metal detector, and went so far as to describe the grounds as best I could…..

Tony and a companion (probably either Big Paulie, or Louie Bagels) found my tip too good to pass up, and drove the 65 miles to little Lambertville and my old high school.  Much to their dismay (and me now looking over my shoulder), the school had been demolished and the surrounding area was heavily  overgrown. According to Tony, “nothing but bricks and crap!”  Their finds were nada, and they were even accosted by a neighbor telling them they had to clean up the area.

Photo Tony sent from his phone...

Photo Tony sent from his phone…

Another photo...

Another photo…

Of course he had to send a photo of his finds!

Of course he had to send a photo of his finds!

When Tony got home he emailed me a few photos taken with his smart phone, and let me know in no uncertain terms how he felt, and that he and his friend were not going back. At that point I started thinking about changing my phone number, and even moving, but then finally figured that Tony was getting along in years, and would probably get over it quickly. At least that’s what I was hoping. I told him how sorry I was, and promised to send a few cigars and a bottle of Sambuca Romana to make up for it ….

I have not been back to Lambertville for sometime, but if that area gets cleaned up, and is available, I will be there in a heart beat.  I remember all the areas  outside where the gang gathered, waiting for the bell to start the day, and the dirt volley ball court halfway up the steps to the right of the school.  Most vivid  in my mind is the atheletic field at the top of the steps, behind the school. All sorts of activities took place there and for many, many years. If it’s not been  built upon, and if it’s not severely overgrown, it has to hold not just “good stuff” but “great stuff! You will see these steps towards the end of the following  video, and you will hear a Lambertville resident tell about playing football there.

I am still looking out my window, keeping an eye out for that black Cadillac, but so far nothing.  I am also sending Fay out to check the mailbox  (I didn’t tell her why).  If, by chance, I do not post anything here for a few days, please call the FBI….

Big Tony (Conti) from Bayonne....

Big Tony (Conti) from Bayonne….

Big Tony and his son Jon.....

Big Tony and his son Jon…..

For the record, Tony Conti is really a pussycat and great guy, and yes, he does indeed go by “Big Tony from Bayonne” (as noted in a few of his comments here on the blog). I have no intentions of asking why!


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12 responses to “Big Tony from Bayonne and His Wasted Trip!

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    This article put a huge smile on my face and made me laugh out loud – lol in text messaging. I can’t wait for your next suggested X marks the spot!

  2. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Accordinbg to Nick in the video it’s at the top of those old steps!

  3. Mike Smith

    You can not be held responsible for his trip! You made a “suggestion” and they did not follow up with research. But that is how it goes.
    This past weekend I drove 80 miles (one way) to a site where a town existed (now most of it is a farmer;s field) from the early 1800’s until the 1980’s. I was able to come home with a button dating from the 1820’s to 1840 time frame. Still trying to find more information to better identify it.
    Research is very important and once the trash and bricks are removed I am sure some great finds will pop up.

    • Mike, I don’t think Tony is upset (jeezus I hope not), and much of what I wrote was “tongue in cheek”. I agree with your comments about research. It can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.

      Now you got me worrying about Tony and Louie…..

  4. Mike Smith

    Now you know all the Jersey people are lovable and don’t hold any grudges, surely you have seen or heard about the “Jersey Shores” crowd!

    • Mike, I am a New Jersey guy, and you will never have to worry about how they feel about you. They tell you upfront, and I love that straight forward honesty. Down here in the South you have to interpret what they mean, and I hate playing that game.

  5. Hey Ricardo:
    There’s a joke doing the rounds….What’s black and blue and floats down the Hudson? People who send Big Tony on a wild goose chase.
    Don’t worry – well, not until you find a horse’s head on yer pillow!

  6. LOL! My friend Steveouke always graciously invites me to hunt ‘sure things’ and we often (though not always) find nothing. I always make sure to tell him to quit wasting my precious time. Heck, I’ve even sweetened the deal by offering to buy him a brand new AT Pro/Gold if he takes me to a place where I can dig a Seated coin and still the bum takes me to all these places that yield nothing! LOL! Yet I always accept his invitations. Why? because it is always 100% more fun to hunt with someone as excited about the hobby as i am. And ok, we do find silver coins now and again… 😀

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