Is This the Next Frontier?

I’ve begun to notice that more and more treasure hunters are now heading “out of town” to detect. “Rural” seems to be the key word now, as in open fields and wooded  areas.  Places where one might find the remnants of an old homesite or cellar hole, or just an off chance dropped coin or relic.

I’d like to think this move to the country is because of the potential it offers, but my gut tells me it’s because we are losing ground in the urban areas thanks to our careless recovery techniques, negligence and disrespect for others.

One by one we are losing our access to parks, and other community areas.  Of course  some times these restrictions are the result of overzealoous achaeologists, who want us to disappear completely, or elected officials who simply do not understand what it is we do,  or who cave in to special interests.

Hunting field in Rockwall, Texas

Hunting field in Rockwall, Texas

I think it’s great that many detecting clubs now hold monthly hunts for their members in these rural areas, charging one or two members each month to be responsible for finding them.  All of these of course are held with the landowner’s permission (a few clubs pay a fee for the privilege), and yes I am well aware these sites will never match those in the UK, but they do offer a day of detecting without looking over your shoulder, and some times a few unexpected surprises.  Another plus? Peace and quiet!

Over the years I have hunted plowed and furrowed fields as well as heavily wooded areas, thoroughly enjoying the experience, and sometimes coming home with one or two  totally unexpected, valuable finds. I highly recommend a “walk in the woods”.

Remember that when driving the countryside what you see from the road does not always tell the story of what lies further in, and in my mind, it’s the next frontier for many of us (if you haven’t already viewed it, check out the video by Todd Hiltz that I posted  here on March 29th).



New Mexico Man  to Face Charges

Virgina State Relic Hunters Warned to Stay Clear of National  Parks

Plymouth  Man Bags Over £30k From Dad’s Hidden Coin Collection



If you detect and live in the Witchita, Kansas area a new club is forming. To Lean more be sure to visit  Steve’s Sunken Treasures.   Steve’s blog is a good one as well, and I recommend adding it to your list of favorites.



like to share some of the better club newsletters from time to time, and the Tin Foil Times is one of those.  

The Gold Coast Treasure Hunters have been in existence now for 40 years, and that in itself is a great accomplishment.  You can read their April newsletter by clicking here. 

Thanks to, and congratulations to, Linda Bennett, the newsletter editor. Great job Linda!



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4 responses to “Is This the Next Frontier?

  1. Bob

    Very true. Good thing most of America is rural and if you don’t find much at least you have the body in motion.

  2. The thought about people going out of town to hunt is a good point. Lets think about why that is. I think it is due to PCP. People Cherry Pick. Yep they have been doing this for years. The first place a person eventually tries out a detector is a local park.

    Now if that holds true for the thousands of people whom have tried their hand at detecting over the years well just think. If there are only 4 or 5 parks to a local town (let’s leave large cities like NYC out of this as that is a whole nuther Doctor Phil Show) and we figure say 100 people in that town have detected those parks over the last 30 years or so.. hmm add 5 divide by 2 carry the get the picture, It’s been pretty well cherry picked.

    The other issue is that trash has become lets say FREAKIN BAD over the last few years. Layers of trash year after year and not to mention worthless modern coins (Zinc pennies corroded worse than chrome bumpers on a junk yard Buick). What ever happened to towns cleaning up their parks or people not littering.. Ya know Woodsy the Owl and Give a hoot don’t pollute.

    I guess its just that I choose to go to urban areas, forest and country areas, as I look at it through percentages. I dig less holes and come up with better and older finds. Now if detectors really could tell us the difference between a ball of foil, a nickel or a ring…well I would hit those parks again. Truth be told so many new detectorists are being told to dig every thing as you do not know what you will miss is a load of Horse dung. They will get tired of the hobby, dig lots of holes and half the time get so disgusted that they will leave the trash. New detectorist get tired and we are back to Cherry Picking again, as we all have the ability to see right through the ground and see what it is we are digging. All right I am rambling. I guess I am mad a little.

    These detectors have been around for a long time and the technology gets better, but it needs a lot of work on REAL discrimination and until we get to see the difference between a zipper pull and a Indian head, no matter what the depth and if a bobby pin is next to it, then I choose to stay out most of the local trashy parks.

    I guess I am tired of trash talking so there lol.

    Jessie Thompson
    The Nor’Easters Metal Detecting Club

    • Makes sense to me Jess. Guess we can both trash talk pretty good….then again you are a cajun, and that might give you an edge. Okay, you win the trash talk. I win the BS contest….deal?

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