Baffling Them with BS!

Could not believe the response to yesterday’s post.   Apparently those of you who visit here do not know me very well, and not aware of my standing within the archaeological community. Yesterday was April 1st (as in April  Fool’s Day) just in case you didn’t know.

 Aside from all the encouragement about the forthcoming meeting with an archaeologist, someone actually took the time to contact Texas A &M  to make sure I wasn’t being bamboozled (his name shall remain Anonymous). Likewise only two people picked up on the 1916D Merc photos.

John’s post in the Malamute Saloon was also tongue in cheek, and I suspect it had a couple of arkies a little worried….

I hate to say it but the ole “baffle them with  bullshit” theory really does work. Then again I should know that. Archaeologists use it on a daily basis.


Here’s hoping my fun and games didn’t disappoint or piss off too many of you….



Google Launchs Treasure Mode

‘Banger Boys’ & ‘Hoard  Hunters’ Coming to History Channel

1794 Silver Dollar sets 10 Million Record 



John made me aware of a forthcoming conference in the UK that should be interesting. The comments about our contributions to the public are right on the money.  John also penned a great article on stolen antiquities, which will give you some food for thought!  To read his latest simply click on the  Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



Last thing I heard on this subject was that the folks in Illinois were waiting to see if an attorney would take on the issue. Also have not heard anymore from  the three major groups as to their plans on tackling this issue. The Task Force site hasn’t had an update since April of last year, and the   FMDAC site has no mention of it. Likewise the WATTS group seems much to busy promoting their events to mention  it as well….

So, now that I pissed them all off again, I suspect I will hear something, so stay tuned…



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16 responses to “Baffling Them with BS!

  1. I recognised it as a spoof as soon as you said that you’d pick up the tab!

  2. Dave McCarthy

    Ugh .. I knew the 16-D was a joke but you got me with the dinner with Indiana Jones bit. Someone gets me every year . . dang it ! Last year my neighbor called me at 6am to tell me that a moose was wandering up our alley. And out I went in my bathrobe with my digital camera .. duh !! 😉 Shame on you Dick … ha-ha !

    • Dave, if an arkie ever contacted me and invited me to dinner at a posh restaurant, I would assume they had a hit out on me.

      And…up your way a moose in the driveway is probably not that out of the ordinary.

  3. I assumed the Merc was a stock photo to embellish the post but I did buy the whole thing thinking that if there was anyone who could sway the arckies it would be you. LOL!

    BTW, I am as dense as they come and noticed that the only link to the blog is on the LATEST NEWS section. Am i missing the link in the home page?

    • Assume you are talking about the website. You are right I only have the link on the Latest News page, but thanks for reminding me of that. I will see about adding it to the home page as well. Hope you will subscribe to the blog. That way you will be notified if and when I post anything. Sorry I disappointed with the arkie thing….

  4. I don’t know where you get your info from, but the Task Force is in direct contact with the Illinois club. The TF is ready to cover the attorney’s start up fee for the fight in that part of the country. The TF is also in contact with the Kentucky group for the same purpose. As far as the TF website, we are on the verge of releasing the updated site, with new and exciting features…sorry we’ve been as little busy helping detectorists around the country !

    • “I don’t know where you get your info from”….sure didn’t get it from the Task Force website.

      Avery, I got my information from the president of the club in Chicago. I understand you are “ready” to cover the costs and that is great. I am also glad that you are working with people in Kentucky. You keep mentioning the update of the website, but it never seems to happen. If you want people to get involved and be excited about the organization and about your efforts you can’t do it in secret. Always seems I have to say something here on my blog to get a response from anyone.

      And yes, I really do understand you all have been busy helping people around the country…. just didn’t hear about it or notice it I guess.

  5. MD’ing just got placed in the same category as other sports hero let downs..First it was Tiger Woods, then Lance Armstrong, now Dick Stout.

    Signed, deflated one in KS.

  6. Just hanging some poo on ya. The merc made me skeptical but the arkie thing got me.

    • Steve, as I said above, if an arkie was nice to me, I would automatically become suspicious.

      I will say however that Lisa MacIntyre is an archaeologist, and she has been a breath of fresh air here on SS. I hope she will find the time to contribute more as time goes on….

      • Lisa

        :). Sorry. Not ignoring. I am in crunch time with a big project due in 8 days. Of course the computer does not want to cooperate and appearantly when I took my GPS coordinates I was on the wrong continent! Thank you for the very kind words and I promise to cause trouble in a week or so!

  7. Bob

    Dick l don’t know you that well, and l thought you might of had a relapse when you mentioned about the meeting. The 1916d dime was a dead give away as you would of had it in a banner on your site. Of course my 1874cc dime beats yours ha ha.

    • Bob, indeed I would have had a relapse if I was invited to dinner by an archaeologist. As for your 1874cc dime…you win. Great find….

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…I appreciate it, and thanks for following my blog.

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