This Should Be Interesting!

Received an email from a Texas A & M archaeologist named W.D. Willborn, inviting me to have dinner with him Thursday, at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek  (one of the finest restaurants here in Dallas).  Apparently he has been following my blog, and wants to talk about a way we might join forces and  start working together. 

He went on to say there’s an archaeological project coming up that I might be interested in being part of.  Hmmm, who knew arkies were checking out Stout Standards?  I am stunned…..

I have already started perusing the online menu (and wine list) of the restaurant, and will be sure to share with you just how this meeting turns out. Should be very, very interesting.



Managed to get out yesterday for about two hours, and managed to find a silver dime, plus the usual clad.  Not a great day, but again,  anytime I come home with silver I am happy.


Hoping to get out some tomorrow as well, weather permitting. The temps are now in the 70’s and 80’s, and so far the back is not  hurting too much.



Be sure to read John Howlands latest update. He shares some “space age” news about new detecting technology that should make you stand up and take notice.  One can only imagine what the future holds for this pastime. To read about it click on the Malamute Saloon above and scroll down to today’s date.



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26 responses to “This Should Be Interesting!

  1. Dick, I hope the meeting goes well. I think it would be neat to work with the Arkies on a project. I still think it is impossible for them to do their thing everywhere. I’m wondering if that fact could be where the gap gets bridged.. Let us amateur treasure hunters do our thing and when something significant gets found then the pros can take a closer look. Hopeful maybe. Holding breath? Nah… Is that a D mintmark on that liberty dime?

  2. Just as well the guy isn’t an S & M archaeologist. Will you be taking Fay along to take pictures so you can put them on your blog? I’ve heard that there is a new event in the next Para-Olympics that involves geriatric detectorists. I bet that’s what he wished to discuss.

    Just how do you manage to extract such super coins when you can’t bend … that Zimmer frame (walker) must be one helluva encumbrance. I admire your tenacity, determination … and sense of humour. 🙂

    BTW – don’t show the arkie the coin … or you could end up paying for the meal.

  3. Good luck on the meeting. Time to try and show them we can work together and there is plenty for all. We can learn from each other if they want to.I know the detectorist would like to see it happen but I know, “slim chance in hell”

  4. That’s exciting news, along with your rare dime! I’ve heard Willborn has found where the Vikings landed in Texas!

  5. Robbie

    It’s April 1st…….All Fools Day commonly known as April Fools Day…..Methinks the meeting and the 1916D dime is a good one though…. one can dream!!!!!

    • Come on Robbie, how can you doubt my sincerity? There are a great many archaeologists who look up to me, and ask for my advice….

      • Robbie

        I know…….there are a couple of overseas guys who do read your blog over and over and comment about what is posted on their websites. I hope the meeting goes very well and you can convince him most all metal detectorists are interested in seeing history saved.

      • Hey Robbie, got my spiel down pat, and my mojo working…..

  6. Scott

    I worked with Montpelier Archaeologists for a week and it was one of the best weeks ever in my metal detecting hobby. Not only were they fun to be around but they shared many of our interests and were NOT bent on insulting or disrespecting our hobby. There was genuine co-benefit from our technical skills and their methodology. I wholeheartedly encourage you to extend the hand of cooperation during the meeting. I look forward to my next project with archaeologists!

    • Scott, I am planning on picking up the tab for this dinner, and even bringing along an escort for him. Want to get on the good side of him for sure.

  7. Good Luck Mr.S on the meeting. It May finally
    bring some hope at last?

  8. This is an April Fools joke…right?

  9. Jeeez…Dick…you’re surely not pimping for these arkies now? All I got when I came over for the World Council was a ‘kin hamburger!

  10. Dave McCarthy

    Enjoy your trip to the “other side” Dick … and I hope you are the same man when you come back from one of their archaeological digs. I know of other detectorists who were hand picked for these types of events, and all of a sudden they are archaeological crusaders who “will not tolerate any negative comments” towards them .. blah-blah-blah !

    • Dave, you never know. I just might be the one to make music with these guys. You know, harmony, love and peace, and all that jazz. I figure with paying the bill, bringing an escort for the guy, plying him with a few drinks and then filming it, should do the trick. Will keep you posted too.

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