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A PAS Program Here? Why Not?

I received the following article from Jim Meaney, librarian for the
Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Club
and thank him.  Good article, and I hope you will read it….


After reading it I wanted to share my thoughts (Like my autograph, you can take my thoughts/views along with 10$ and get a cup of  coffee at Starbucks). Continue reading


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International Women’s Day…Bring on the Gals!

Hope you are all on the “subscribe” list now for the Detecting Diva blog. Allyson Cohen is not just a treasure hunter/detectorist, but  a damn good one. She knows what she is talking about, and can put many of you guys to shame. Continue reading


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Funny How Quickly Things Change…..

With regards to the recent Beavis & Butthead post…. Beavis has now changed his mind, and said that a few of the comments on his blog were surreptitiously posted by  detectorists (yeah, right).  Continue reading


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Sadness on Two Fronts…

Yesterday I was saddened to read about the death of Mick Swannell,  and I hope you will take few minutes to read the article that John Winter did about Mick a year ago. A tough assignment but one John handled with grace and  professionalism.

Sadly this morning I learned that my good friend, my old detecting partner, the man who sold me my first detector, Joe Attinello, passed away Sunday. I received the following  memorial tribute from his son Ron. Continue reading


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Beavis & Butthead…the Saga Continues!

As you all know I have a following amongst the archaeological communities in the UK and Poland, and I find it difficult to be humble when such distinguished people  wait with baited breath to hear what it is I have to say.  Sooo, I will give Beavis & Butthead a little fodder here so they can drool all over their keyboard. Continue reading


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Why the MXT Pro?

I received a few emails about my last post, asking why I liked the MXT Pro so much, and I thought I would try and respond. Remember however that I am from  the old school of detecting, and the older I get the dumber my explanations. Continue reading


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Will This Spring Bring New Models or Just Flowers?

Well,I have been trying to find out from the companies what, if any, new models might be on the horizon, but they are all being silent, which leads me to believe  we will probably see a couple in the coming weeks. Just a guess however… Continue reading


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