New Book…”In Search of Treasure”

My new book In Search of Treasure will be available the first week of April, and I hope you will consider adding it to your treasure hunting  library.  In Search of Treasure is the 3rd edition of Where to Find Treasure, but we decided to give it a new name, rather than calling it “updated” or “volume 3” etc..  This time around we’ve added new articles, photos, as well as new topics.


In Search of Treasure, will retail for $17.95,  and of course is published by White’s Electronics.  I thank them again for allowing me to be part of their family, and a very  special thank you to Mary Hand, who has edited all my books, and is a genius at taking my scribbles and making them look so much better.

Mary Hand

Mary Hand

Mary is  looking forward to retiring this year, and I wish her much happiness. It has been an honor to know and to work with her.



John Howland, the archaeological community’s most beloved treasure hunter, has once again decided to share a few of AT Pro tips via his latest post to the  Malamute Saloon. John uses the Garrett At Pro International, but I think those of you here using the US version will still be able to gain some ground by  reading about John’s settings.

For all you Bubba fans out there click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



One has to wonder what the archaeological community thinks about both these recent articles…..

Medieval Knight Found in Parking Lot

Bronze Age Settlement  Sells for £40,000

Thanks to Eddy Current for the following….

Curious Cat  Walks over Medieval Manuscript

(Can just hear the archaeologist saying “those damn metal detecting cats!”)

North Yorkshire Viking Hoard



Used to think that all detectorists were of the same ilk. That is, we all wanted to be on the same page when it came to keeping out pastime alive and  thriving. We would all come to the aid of another participant when he or she was facing attempts to limit their enjoyment of the pastime. Well, that was  yesterday. Today? I am not sure.

I now sense a kind of apathy out there that says “I got mine, and the hell with the rest of you”.  A view that it doesn’t matter if the parks in Kentucky are closed  to detecting…I live in Ohio. I also sense a divide in the areas of specialization. That is to say the relic hunters are not interested in joining forces with  the coinshooter because they have not yet had to face the same restrictions. They typically hunt on private land, have permission, and are exempt from any local,  state or government oversight. Likewise the prospector’s problems are not of interest to the beach hunter, who can so far pretty much hunt worry free.

Trying to bring all these groups together is most certainly going to be a big challenge to all three of the major national groups. At this moment they are all in the throes of  waking up after hibernatng for almost a year, and it’s going to take time, a lot of money, and powerful and persuasive promotions to get the attention  of the individual detectorist.

Like all other worthwhile causes, it’s very hard to get John and Jane Doe involved, simply because “someone else” will do it.  Let’s  hope we are all that someone, and that we find a way to become a family again. It’s that important!



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10 responses to “New Book…”In Search of Treasure”

  1. Well, I can’t blame you anymore, but I’ll still read your book 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Rick and Dee Sperling

    We will definitely give your new book a read. I know Mary deserves her retirement, but we will miss seeing her on our visits.

  3. What a fine fellow! The book must be selling well if this is the third edition. Good luck with it!

  4. Dave McCarthy

    Congrats on your new book ! Will it be available for purchase here ?

    • Dave, the book just arrived at the factory, and is available from them at this time. I am guessing as well that it will be available from all the dealers, etc…within a week or two.

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  6. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Dick, I tried the shorten the lower shaft (and use a small coil) to make the detctor seem to be at my feet and that does make you slow down. Great tip! Many thanks to you for the coins I found today where before in that park I didn’t find any.

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