How I Met John Howland (or How I Rue the Day…..)

I found myself looking back at some of the earlier posts on my website, and came across one that explained how and when I met John Howland. Thought I would share  it again….


I first met John back in 1985, when he and Gerald Costello, officers in the NCMD, were coming to attend the FMDAC Treasure Weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Having not met either before,  Fay and I stood at JFK airport, late at night, with signs, saying “The FMDAC welcomes John & Gerald”.

They found us, and the meeting went fine until we left the airport. I wound up lost deep in the bowels of New York city, but didn’t want to share this embarrassing  situation with them. John, quickly seeing prominent city landmarks, proceeded to thank me profusely for taking them on a tour of the city right off, and Fay of course was trying hard to stifle her laughter, quite aware that I had no idea where the hell we were.

Gerald Costello, John Howland and yours truly, atop the Empire State Building

Gerald Costello, John Howland and yours truly, atop the Empire State Building

Eventually I found my way out of the city, and headed home to central New Jersey.  As we drove John continued to open up, and the conversation began to get more relaxed,  more personal, more ribald, and it was all I could do to stay on the road.  Anything and everything was fair game, including the King and Queen.  One very important question  was “can we please find a place to get a beer”.  Fay and I still talk about that night, and how we hurt so much from laughing. The coming days were no exception.

Since that time we have become close friends and TH’ng buddies, and any time spent in his presence will be memorable. You will leave with tears in your eyes from laughing  so much, and more often than not, saying things like “how the hell did I ever find my way back home” or “how did I ever get into this predicament?”.

If you care to contact John you can email him at:

Keep in mind he may not answer you unless the topic is beer, wine, women or fishing…just the way it is.



John penned a brief follow-up to his last post.  You can read it by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.



Typically speaking the beaches of the Northwest United States are not noted for great detecting. The waters are much too cold for swimming or even wading.  Now however they are producing interesting but unwanted treasues  thanks to the Japanese tsunami of March 11, 2011.

Much of the flotsam and jetsam that is washing up on the shores have organisms attached to it (many of them unknown), and scientists are concerned about what means to ocean life down the road. Something to keep any eye on for sure.

I have always been interested in the phenomena of how and what items are carried by the currents and come ashore, and I would highly recommend the following books should you  too want to know more. Who knows….could help your beach hunting….

“Washed Up” by Skye Moody

“Flotsametrics & The Floating World” by  Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Eric Scigliano



Three years ago, March 19th 2010, I started the Stout Standards website. I must say it doesn’t seem like three years,  and I am amazed that I could continue to BS that long and keep a few people coming back again and again. It’s been fun, and I thank all you for spreading the word. A special  thanks to John Howland, who has kept the Malamute Saloon going for the same length of time.  I knew that adding John to the mix would bring in news from across the pond, as well as off-the-wall comments, rants, insults, shitfits and controversy (what the hell was I thinking?)….

Last February, at the urging of John Winter I also came up with this blog and it has become very popular in that it allows for readers to respond…something that was missing from the website.  Once again, thank you all.  Hope you will  keep stopping by.



Thanks again to Jessie Thompson for sending along the following articles…

Royal Connection for Gold Ring

A Glimpse of Anglo Saxon England



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10 responses to “How I Met John Howland (or How I Rue the Day…..)

  1. Ah, that first beer, apres flight in NJ was certainly a memorable one. Gerry Costello you see, in the interests of economy, had booked us on a Kuwait Airlines 747 and these are ‘dry’ flights.
    Three years of SS eh? And still no sign of folding money!

  2. I see you were rockin’ those 80’s sunglasses.

  3. Hi Diva:
    Just ignore all his bonhomie! There’s a joke that’s been doing the rounds for years now: Q. What’s the difference between Stouty and a coconut?
    A. You can get a drink out of a coconut!!!
    Do you know, I once saw a pack of his cigarettes (albeit some years ago) and on the side of the pack was written…”Good luck to the Doughboys in the trenches.” Sheesh!
    John H

  4. I notice you never informed John about being lost lol,..or is this you just letting the cat out of the bag now.

    • Nah Digger, I told him “as soon as I was on the right road” and not until. Didn’t want to dim his moment of joy. The “planned” sightseeing came later on that week.

  5. DiggerJohn
    There’s more truth in the AEC than in what he’s trying to spin! I began to get suspicious when I realised there were TWO Empire State buildings, THREE Brooklyn Bridges, and TWO Times Squares. By now, my mouth was drier than camel’s short hairs…that first beer on US soil was a delight!
    Regards & HH

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